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Jan 18, 2007 10:35 PM

Jack London Square

Do hounds eat at Jack London Square? I just returned from lunch at The Fat Lady. (I was taken there for a belated Birthday lunch) It seemed like an the l960s and yet the place was packed. I used to eat at places like that in the old days. Was it Alice Waters that changed it all? Was it traveling to Europe that opened our eyes or what? Are we more knowledgeable about food or what?

I am not putting The Fat Lady Restaurant down. It had a lovely warm ambience. It's just so different from the type of restaurants I go to (Chez Panisse, A'Cote,ect.) and very different from what the hounds recommend these days.

Would love some input. Hope you get my drift!

Would love some input.

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  1. How was the food? That's really all that matters on this site...

    1. Thanks Melanie.

      The food was not very good. We ordered deep fried Zucchini to start. Very soggy and not hot. . We both had Cobb Salads as a main. They were shredded lettuce with, I guess, the usual ingredients. I couldn't tell. I could taste the cheese. It was a blob of the lettuce combination on some lettuce leaves. Never had a Cobb Salad like it in my life.

      The bread was good. I think it was Semi Freddies. It had all the seeds on it. In fact, it was the best thing about the meal.

      Since, the place was packed, I feel like my friend and I ordered the wrong thing.

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      1. re: Cerise 37

        Oh I am so sad to hear you had a bad meal at The Fat Lady! That has never been MY expereince, and I've been there often. Maybe it was your timing? Anything can happen when they are very busy.

        IMO, the fried zucchini, along with the fried calamari are really quite good when served hot. Thinking about it, I believe I've had nearly everything on the menu and wouldn't hesitate to re-order anything.

      2. I love Soizic on Broadway at 3rd:

        I've eaten at all the restaurants surrounding Barnes & Noble at Jack London Waterfront, as well as those between there and the old Jack London Square, and can't recommend a single one. (I'd be thrilled if someone would prove me wrong.) Yoshi's is good if you need to choose, but there are better Japanese restaurants in the East Bay.

        My next closest fave would be Phnom Penh House on 8th. I especially like the crepe, but it's usually all good. Go for the food, not the atmosphere. Good prices.

        1. Pescatore's is pretty good, if you order the right things.

          Service can be very good too.

          Nice view and funky,cool Last Chance Saloon and parking right next door.

          Pretty nice on a sunny day.

          Thats about the only place I would go back to more than once.

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          1. re: Mission

            Would you mind telling us a little more about what's good at Pescatore? As far as I know, there's never been a report on it here.

          2. Michele, you've convinced me that I have to give it another try. Sounds like I had an "off" day.