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Best Barbeque shrimp in NOLA

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I am a Loyola-NO grad and have fantastic but hazy memories of the heavenly, butter-smothered barbeque shrimp of New Orleans. It's been 14 years since I have had them and I am considerably better off financially than I was as a student. I am taking the Mister down to NOLA in June for an orgy of food and music, and need a recommendation for where to get the best BBQ shrimp. We are going to do Jacques-Imo's, Herbsaint, Commander's brunch, Cochon for lunch, and Casamento's for oysters for sure, plus $1.25 cocktails at Ms. Mae's (someone please tell me that Ms. Mae is still there, pouring drinks into the gullets of cops and bus drivers!!)


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  1. Man, I can't say, as I've not eaten them at all the places that I've heard were good. Mr. B's is the best I've had. Not sure if they have reopened or not.

    1. We LOVE Mr.B's.
      According to their website (as of yesterday) they're hiring, so that's a really good sign!

      I hoping for some of their BBQ shrimp when we visit for Mardi Gras!!

      1. Ms. Mae's is the same and hopefully always will be...in their two nights ago...spent 12 bucks, was solicited twice by druggies...it was good to be home again.

        I would include dick and jenny's if you have never been...great list of restaurants though.

        Pascale's Manale is still the best shrimp in my book, and unlike Mr. B's, they are open.

        1. oh my, the best bbq shrimp i have had in a while was at the besch steakhouse in harrah's.

          1. Liuzza's by the racetrack for a more casual neighborhood place. Was open at jazzfest so I assume it still is.

            1. bourbon house on bourbon street is excellent for BBQ shrimp. also like the BBQ shrimp at grillot's in mandeville, but the service is pretty slow.

              1. Mr. B's hasn't reopened, but should be by June. I like the BBQ shrimp there better than the version at Manale's. Emeril has a great version that 's totally different and they're already peeled!. I love the BBQ shrimp poboy at Liuzza's By the Track, but it's a totally different flavor (and small shrimp) than what you're talking about.

                BTW, Casamento's isn't open during June (they close every year from Memorial Day through Labor Day).