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Six Foot Sub

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Does anyone know of a bakery or bread shop that will make a six foot sub roll? All I need is just the roll, no meats or veggies. For the Patriots game this Sunday I'm planning on handcrafting a six foot party sub but I don't know where to get the bread. Anything to point me in the right direction would be helpful. Thanks!

Newton/Watertown would be preferable but I'm willing to travel.

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  1. did you call your local shaw's?

    1. I never thought about Shaw's. I might try them tomorrow.

      1. Maria's Italian Cold Cuts in Somerville (Winter Hill) does an amazing 6 ft Italian....It is sensational

        1. Oops, jumped too quick on that....don't know if they sell just the roll but the Italian is still awesome.

          1. You will have to call around as its mostly a wholesale item. La Cascia's Bakery in Medford sells a four-foot sub, so might be able to sell that as bread alone. Other Somerville-oriented possibilities are Winter Hill Bakery, La Ronga, and maybe Piantedosi in Malden. There are other wholesale-only bakeries in Burlington, Woburn, and Charlestown, but all of these do wholesale and retail.

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              Definitely give La Ronga a call, but call early.

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                I think La Ronga has 5 foot, not 6 foot. But don't quote me on that.

            2. call Bob's in Medford and they just might sell you the roll only - the 6 footer is their specialty cold sandwich.

              1. In case someone is looking for another for this Sunday's (non-patriots) game, I did notice that Esposito's on 60 in Revere sells both braided and an egg-washed 6 foot sub roll. Its a bit pricey at $15, but its a bit fancier than others and you can buy your cold cuts at New Deal just around the corner. They require 24 hour notice.