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Jan 18, 2007 09:37 PM

Real Tandor in Queens

A buddy of mine wants tandori in Queens. He needs to see the actual Tandor oven as he believes (maybe righfully so) that many plces do not use a tandor these days. I remember seeing some place in Jackson Heights w/the tandor in the window. Any ideas?


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  1. Yes there's one on the main Indian drag 74th street, West side of it. Never eaten there - I've only seen them making bread in there - don't know if they use it for their meats. Roti Boti on Broadway also has a tandoor - you can see it behind the glass window of the kitchen. And they do fire up their half-cooked grilled meats in the tandoor. I think a lot of restaurants in Queens do use the tandoor oven - I've been taken back in a couple of restaurants to be shown the oven.

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      They do use it for their meats as well as for the nan.