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Looking for Belgian style Frites, any part of the city. Anyone?

After living in Brussels for five years I still get the craving for a nice big stack of Belgian style pomme frites every so often. I had heard there was a stand/take out spot in the NYU area but still havent had any luck finding it. Can anyone help out with this one? Thanks a bunch.

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  1. pommes frites on 2nd ave btwn 7th st and st marks.
    i lived here when they first opened, which explains my corpulence.

    1. Pommes Frites on 2nd ave between 7th st. and St. Marks is FANTASTIC! Very authentic!!! Delicious!

      1. Cafe de Bruxelles or Petite Abeille.

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          I can vouch that Petite Abeille's fries are really close to proper belgian style frites (double fried, not too skinny and definitely not soggy)
          unfortunately Vol de Nuit's fries smell good but are a bit too soggy for my taste.

        2. Cafe de Bruxelles has AYCE fries! Mussels and fries sound good to me right now. mmm...

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            i've heard that cafe de bruxelles has the best mussels & frites in the city...would you agree with that statement? i've had it at many places, including petite abeille and the long-gone belgo, but never liked the mussels part of the equation.

            also, are the all-you-can-eat fries at cafe de bruxelles available all the time? how much are they? or is there a certain time/day when you can get it?


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              I'm not sure if you can order the all you can eat fries separately. I've mostly been to Cafe de Bruxelles for brunch, and they come with many of the brunch entrees. I'd venture to guess that they come with the mussels (which I haven't had--I'm just never in the mood). They don't come with some of the other meatier entree items.

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                I don't know if they're the best in the city, since I haven't had them at Petite Abeille and Jubilee (other places known for mussels.) I will say that I have always found the mussels and fries delicious at Cafe de Bruxelles. My forays into other parts of the menu (rabbit) have been disappointing. Still, I love Cafe de Bruxelles. It's old-fashioned and charming and the frites are golen and crispy. Lace curtains in the windows!

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                  Cafe de Bruxelles mussles and frites is one of the best meals in the city! I think the all you can eat fries which comes with an amazing sauce to dip in are only available if you order an entree.

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                    I think the "amazing sauce" is basically mayo.

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                      I heard it was a berniasse. Any reason for sarcasm?

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                        No sarcasm--just quoting you. I like it to, but I think it's mostly just mayo from what I can tell.

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                          Sorry for being sensitive. Must have low blood sugar!

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                            Sounds like you guys need some frites, stat.

              2. You can't miss Pommes Frites when you're on the block, there is a human sized billboard with a face, in the shape of a paper cone with fries sticking out of the top. They even import their frites sauce from Belgium.

                1. Pommes Frites as stated above, although I actually haven't had frites there in years. They have a huge selection of flavored mayos and ketchups.

                  If you want a fantastic Belgian beer to go with your frites, the frites at the Belgian Room of Hop Devil Grill (St Mark's near Ave A) are pretty good. The beer is magnificent, I have had St Bernardus Abt 12 on tap there and many others.

                  I didn't have the frites at Vol de Nuit, but I saw them and they looked and smelled good. It is another Belgian beer bar (W 4th just east of 6th Ave), with a less impressive beer selection than the Belgian Room, but quite good.

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                    vol de nuit fries are pretty good; they used to have a takeout stand in front but now its just a bar with an outdoor cafe area out front; fries are delicious and they have about 10 sauces I think.

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                      I typically enjoy Vol de Nuit, but I had a really strange experience there a couple of months ago. It was on the early side -- maybe 6:30. My friend and I sat down and said that we'd like to look over the beer menu (she'd never been to VdN before) but that we knew we each wanted an order of mussels and fries. The waitress said that they didn't have any mussels that night. I expressed surprise, and she repeated that there were no mussels. No "I'm sorry, but..." or anything like that, which I found odd as mussels and fries are the only food on the menu. But we figured we'd roll with it, so I said I'd like a cone of fries with the curry mayo. She said, "We don't have that tonight; we only have ketchup." Again, no expression of regret. As we hadn't ordered our beers yet and were (more to the point) hungry, we left. And the waitress seemed surprised to see us go!

                  2. Zip Burger on 52nd and 2nd serves Belgian fries w/ their own mayonaise. They are some of the best I have had.

                    1. I haven't been to Pomme Frites in years,so can't comment on it, but currently my favorite Belgian fries are at Cafe de Bruxelles, followed by Belgian Room of Hop Devil Grill. The Belgian Room has a good selection of sauces, like curry and horseradish and a fantastic selection of Belgian beer, with half price beers on tap until 9pm. At Cafe de Bruxelles, I'm pretty sure the fries come with all entrees, I know they came with my Chicken Waterzooi. Petit Abeille's fries are tasty, though sometimes they've been too soggy, and their Belgian beers are all half price Mondays (until closing).

                      1. Cafe de Bruxelles have the best fries going! Crisp, tasty and never soggy. They aways taste fresh. I love Pastis and Pomme Frites as well. Les Halles on Park Ave makes a decent frite too. Cafe Loup on 13th and 6th makes great frites and a great burger, though the SO likes them more then I do.. I guess I am going out for mussels and frites tonight

                        1. I have to agree. Just went to Bruxelles last week after at least a year, and the frites are still great. (and even better accompanied by moules bruxelles or moules marinieres!)

                          1. I second what tbear said about the fries at Zip Burger. They are terrific. I specifically ask that they be lightly salted because otherwise they can go a bit overboard. Good if not outstanding burger. Certainly outstanding fries, though-my favorite guilty pleasure at the moment.

                            1. my girlfriend was craving fries last week so we got some at Pommes Frites on 2nd Ave, and she loved them...

                              1. Jubilee has the best mussels IMHO - but, Cafe Bruxelles have the the best fries to go with it. The mussels with chorizo in Landmarc and Casa Mono are both quite delish too!