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Jan 18, 2007 09:23 PM

Going to Beechwood tonight...

Haven't been in a couple of months and will be going for dinner. Anything new going on there? Must haves, must avoids?

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  1. They change the menu every few months. Must have - the cupcakes.

    1. the burger...i don't think it's on the dinner menu, only the bar menu. but you can order it in the restaurant. and you'll be happy you did. i prefer it to father's office (there, i said it).

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      1. re: ddyouandme

        Me too! I find it far superior to the burger at Father's Office.

        1. re: hrhboo

          Holy crap. I live a couple blocks away from this place and have been trying to find a solid reason to try it. Thanks for giving me one.

          FO has a damn good burger, but their experience sucks: scrambling for tables, lines, cramped space. I have no idea why you can't pull a number or wait in order for a table.

          I'll be happy if I can find an equivalent burger within walking distance.

          1. re: dynamike

            I hope you like it, please report back! They have delicious sweet potato fries and garlicky shoestring fries with aioli too...quite similar to FO but without all the hassle.

      2. The coconut curry braised lamb (a new item, had it last week) was a bland, quasi-Indian letdown, but for dessert the Meyer lemon bars (also new) were very good.

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        1. re: PlonkMan

          I was just going to reply that I enjoyed it, maybe I have to much favoritism to coconut curry anything. Date had white salmon, and the gnochi that came with it was much more impressive.

        2. The french fries are great. the burger is huge and juicy.