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Jan 18, 2007 09:20 PM

San Francisco-style burritos in New York?

If you've ever lived in San Francisco you now what i mean by a Francisco-style burrito. i favor La Taqueria or Can Cun. does anyone know of an SF-style burrito equivalent here in New York? i will travel to any partof the 5 boroughs hear someone ask me if i want hot salsa or mild? black beans or refried? etc.


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  1. oh man if only! I would love to be proven wrong, but in terms of burritos I've never had anything in NYC that came close to what you can get in the mission of SF. Most taste like luggage or are just kind of weird. or both. It's a mystery....

    In fact...I might even say the thing that came the closest...albeit way overpiced...was chipolte.

    Tacos are another story. Those can be found.

    1. It's not *exactly* at ALL, but La Taqueria in Park Slope (Seventh Ave at Berkeley, Q train to Seventh Ave) has black beans/refried, occasional fish taco specials that have great sauce, and some really good salsas that you dish out yourself just past the cashier. The deep brick red one with green flecks is a cooked chipotle yum with medium heat. The salsa verde mixes great with the chopped onions/cilantro at the same station . . .
      I like their pico de gallo too.

      1. I'm a big fan of Uncle Moe's on 7th Ave and 9th Street in Park Slope.

        1. this is a fairly common topic on the boards so you might take a look thru the archives. also, really you dont need to have lived there or even to have ever been there to know what an sf aka mission aka cali style burrito is.

          good news is there are a few cali style burrito joints around this city that make'm. most arent as good as they are in sf tho. one that is as good is KITCHEN MARKET in chelsea. take-out only. my fav. try'em out sometime and report back!