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Jan 18, 2007 09:17 PM

The Pajama Brunch at the 647 Tremont St. Restaurant

Hello out there!
Help! I have my friend all excited about going to the pajama brunch on Saturday at the 647 Tremont St. restaurant. If you have been there for this, please tell me your opinions, what you would recommend eating and the overall ambiance. AND, did many people wear his/hers pj's? Thanks.

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  1. I've only been there when they had sidewalk tables in warm weather, but I imagine the treatment is the same - The staff are typically the only ones wearing actual pajamas, but don't let stuffy south enders determine what is cool. If your friend wants to wear her pj's, it's totally cool. But typical of the South End, make sure you shower and get gussied up before slipping a clean set of pj's back on! I'll personally give bonus points for feety pj's.

    I am guessing your friend is from somewhere like Ohio or Colorado, definitely not from New England?

    The food decent, if a little overpriced. I don't remember anything specifically, only the residue that it would be a decent place to go to again.

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    1. re: Bob Dobalina

      Thanks for your opinions. Actually, you are going to flip over this - BUT, we are two girlfriends who are native Massachusetts chicks!! Maybe, it's the Sagittarian nature in us - the adventurous types!! Hey, you only go down this road once so live it up!

      1. re: taxi

        Well, we did it - wore our flannels to the 647 today!! We were greeted at the door with so many smiles and friendly faces... Yes, we were the only ones but didn't phase us in the least. Food was good and they did not rush us at all! Stayed over two hours catching up with each other's lives. They even gave us a complimentary danish/fruit dish for our enthusiasm AND outfits!

        1. re: taxi

          Good for you! Glad you had a fun time.

          Were all the servers dressed in jammies too?

          1. re: hummingbird

            Yes, they all had their flannels on which was a very good day to wear them as it was very very cold.

          2. re: taxi

            That's great to hear! Maybe you've started a trend...

        2. It's usually just the staff in sleepwear, though a track suit wouldn't be amiss. Good, slightly pricey brunch food (average dish is about $11), nice mix of breakfast and lunch stuff, a bigger menu than most. I like the huevos rancheros a lot.

          Excellent eye-openers, fresh juices, and coffees. I don't usually drink Screwdrivers, but one made with fresh squeezed OJ is revelatory; ditto for a Mimosa. Excellent Bloodies; order it straight up for the sheer weirdness of it.

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          1. re: MC Slim JB

            Thank you. I am tasting the Screwdiver as I read your comments. What are huevos rancheros? My son lived in Spain and I should know this.

            1. re: taxi

              huevos rancheros isn't a spanish dish. it's mexican. my suspicion is it's from back when the tex/ariz/mex border was a bit more fluid. basically translates to "eggs ranch-style". eggs cooked in a spicy tomato sauce served over tortillas.

              explain why you want to go out to eat in your pajamas? is it a sorority hazing?

              1. re: hotoynoodle

                Oh, no. I am not in a sorority. It is just a new experience - I try to do many different and unique things in my life. And, why not? It is entitled a Pajama Brunch. Different strokes for different folks.

                1. re: taxi

                  I'm with you! I'm a little disappointed to find out that it's just the staff, as I'd been making plans to go sometime in my own PJs. Bummer.

                  1. re: iheartveggies

                    I am not letting that bother me as I hemmed my Pj bottoms.
                    I also have a vintage pair that I wore to a 50's party. It
                    takes people like us to start it, right?

                    1. re: taxi

                      I believe that diners are also officially encouraged to wear their pj's. It's just that the staff are the only ones forced to. ;) I hope you have a great time.

                  2. re: taxi

                    You wouldn't be the first diner to show up in a lounging outfit, not by a long shot, so please don't take my earlier post as discouragement. I myself am always looking for an excuse to bust out one of my vintage smoking jackets, which double nicely as rather formal-looking bathrobes. My problem is getting over there in sleepwear when it's below freezing, as it is likely to be on Saturday. The January draft around slipper-clad ankles can be brutal.

            2. When I have been it has pretty much been the staff in PJ's too, but don't let that stop you if you are feeling a bit whimsey. I recall being smitten with the deviled eggs and enjoying the poached eggs (which is basically eggs benny w/ smoked salmon. Second the bloodies, usually not a fan myself, but aftery trying the wife's ordered one, or 3 for myself.

              Have fun!

              1. I remember really enjoying the breakfast pizza at Tremont 647's brunch, though it doesn't seem to be on the menu any longer. If it happens to be offered as a special, I highly recommend it.


                1. regardless of the dress code and who can or cannot wear pjs; this is the most overrated restaurant in the southend. I never understood what the hype was all about. I would suggest having brunch somewhere else like Domani on the corner of huntington and exeter st, which has the tastiest brunch and is still a hidden gem & you can still get a seat. Order the bruleed oatmeal or duck hash..awesome you wont be dissapointed.