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eating through osaka's doutombori (lots of pics!)

rameniac Jan 18, 2007 08:57 PM

i had less than 24 hours in osaka, stopping in merely for a night before moving on further into western japan. after arriving at the namba/doutombori food district in the early evening, i managed to scarf down some kinryu ramen, three kinds of apparently "famous" osaka takoyaki (Aka Oni, Honka, & some little food cart with a tako-sembe sandwich), a crab hot pot at Kani Doraku (good stuff, although the little stand that sold grilled crab legs was closed by the time i finished the meal ><), and osaka-style okonomiyaki.

takoyaki: "Aka Oni" - a bit on the sweet side but very soft and creamy in the middle

Honka (i think that's how the kanji is read) - excellent all around. people line up for this stuff apparently.

the tako-sembe stand (i forget the name) - surprisingly good - the crunchy, styrofoamy sembe provides an excellent complimentary texture

Kani Douraku - excellent crab nabe. but "japanese sized" portions when i was in a mood to really go nuts with the legs.

osaka okonomiyaki (i can't read the name of this) - very good. venerated shop that's been open for 70+ years and is right across from kinryu ramen.

mostly pictures and a few blurbs here:

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  1. Silverjay RE: rameniac Jan 18, 2007 10:31 PM

    Great stuff! You're 100 times the photographer I am...Would love to read more of your stuff actually posted in these threads though, rather than the redirect to a personal blog...

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    1. re: Silverjay
      rameniac RE: Silverjay Jan 18, 2007 11:55 PM

      thanks jay! i think if i still lived in japan i'd be more apt to discuss restaurants in greater depth here on the japan board. i can, if you'd prefer, simply cut and paste my full reviews and keep a link at the bottom for the pictures - quite a few hounds seem to do that - but even then, the vast majority of my chowhounding is unfortunately confined to my local board (los angeles). i do read what you write and daydream though. wanna trade places?

      1. re: rameniac
        Silverjay RE: rameniac Jan 19, 2007 11:51 AM

        I think that would be a great idea to post your reviews here. Collectively, we're starting to get a nice body of work on this board.

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