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HELP! too much cumin in my chili!

I had a little accident, and now have way to much cumin in my chili. Not a horrible thing, except i only like cumin in moderation.
How can i tone this down a bit?

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  1. That's a tough one, RiJaAr, cumin has such a domineering flavor. Increase the volume of the chili maybe? Add a bottle of beer? Maybe stir in a slurry of corn flour and/or some sour cream.

    1. I'd add sour cream when ready to serve, especially if it's the heat you want to tone down. If you have masa harina on hand, though, you could go with a bit of beer and then use the masa to not only tone down the cumin but also thicken it a bit. Masa adds a nice corn flavor, too.

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        i don't have masa, and its not the heat thats the problem, more the flavor. the Cumin is a bit strong.

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          Yeah, I thought about this some more and am still stumped. The corn flour/masa might help disguise that over strong cumin flavor, even if heat is not your problem. You still might be stuck with a too cumin-y chili, though.

      2. make more chili without cumin. mix together. freeze excess chili.


        1. Short of evans' suggestion, you could try adding more chile. Masa isn't going to do anything but make it thicker and diluting it (with anything but more chile) will still leave the cumin flavor dominant. More chile will obviously make it stronger flavored than you intended, but it'll balance the cumin at least.

          1. Interesting problem. evans may have the best solution but I did find this blog suggesting nutmeg is an antidote to cumin:


            Never tried it but sounds reasonable. I'd get out the grater and go to town. Let us know if you try it and find it works.

            1. Hey, I made chili last night and had the same problem. Got on here, saw the response about nutmeg, and tried it. It really, really worked! I'm so impressed. I didn't use much, but it really did the trick. I waited until my husband had two bowls, then told him. He never knew. Wow.

              1. Although i think it be too late to save rijaar's specific dish, I wish to state that a fluid change has come through for me in the past, for recipes where tomato sauce is allowed.

                Spoon off as much liquid as you can, wait, spoon more, wait, spoon more, replace with tomato sauce. It covers over most everything, and the more you add the better it tastes.

                1. Nutmeg!?!?!? Who would have thought. Didn't taste it a bit and brought out the flavor of my green chile casserole. Thank you. I used a 1/4 tsp to start and then upped it anothe 1/4. Amamzing. Try it. I ruined my dish and this saved it.

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                    wow, crazy! thanks for unearthing this post!

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                      right, I thought when I put in Nutmeg in google it would bring up porn. LOL. All I can say is it worked and I have no doubt my guests will rave tonight. Green Chile heavan. Whew!!

                  2. ok, this is a pretty old post but clearly timeless since too much cumin can happen anytime. like it did tonight! i ruined my crockpot chili but putting in too much cumin. i tried the nutmeg thing and it gave it a soapy taste. maybe i needed to let it simmer? whatever you do don't do what i did. douse it with ketchup. do not do it. i ruined my chili which probably could have been saved with a little patience :(

                    1. I tried beer and nutmeg. added half a bottle oif corona(drank the rest of course). Then added about a third of a tsp. nutmeg. Came out great. (especially with another bottle of corona.)

                      1. The nutmeg idea worked! Thanks!

                        1. I bought chili ready tomatoes instead of tomatoes with green chills for my Mexican vegetable soup. I was amazed and very grateful with the nutmeg suggestion. It really did counteract the cumin flavor so the soup was edible. Thank you for the save!

                          1. Nutmeg really does do the trick, I just tried it. So good to know!

                            1. I used cocoa and nutmeg, and have to say it worked great. Amazing. Afraid of too tomatoey a taste so wasn't up for tomatoes or tomato sauce... Thanks!