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Who Makes the Best Mojitos?

Westside preferred, but anyplace between downtown and the beach would be okay. TIA hounds.

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    1. Second the recommendation for the mojitos at Hungry Cat -- actually, all of their cocktails are quite nice.

      The best mojito I ever had in Los Angeles was at the now-defunct Cinnabar in Glendale. If you could find out where their former bartender works today, you'd find your perfect mojito.

      1. The Abbey --- their Rasberry Mojito's are especially tasty with fresh rasberries!

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        1. O-Bar's aren't the best, but they just might be the best value. $20 for a large cocktail shaker, enough for at least 3 pours (more like 4, but the 4th is a little watery).

          They use fresh mint and fresh lime juice, and the mojito is quite refreshing. I like slightly more zing in mine, but my friends loved it. There's a whole list of variations on mojitos. My favorite after the original (slyly named The Missionary) was the porch swing (an iced tea/lemonade twist on the usual).

          I keep saying I'm going to go to The Abbey or Hungry Cat, but the crowds are always so daunting. I might very well be missing out on better mojitos, but I like the relative quiet of O-Bar.

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            I'll second O-Bar's mojitos. I thought they were excellent, and way better than the poor excuse for a mojito I've had at Ciudad.

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              Ditto on Ciudad mojitos...They apparently have 2 different kinds-- one that is made as one would expect, with fresh mint, etc. and the other from a mix. It's a disgrace and one of the many reasons I can't stand that place.

            1. Ciudad or Xiomara in Pasadena are my votes.

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                Xiomara for me... they use real cane sugar! :)


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                  Another vote for Xiomara here, although I should add that I've only been to the Pasadena location. Fresh-squeezed sugar cane makes a difference.

                  I haven't tried the Mojitos at Hungry Cat, but based on the quality of the cocktails that I have had there, I'm sure they're good.

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                    Don't know about the best (I haven't tried all the mojitos out there exhaustively), but Xiomara/Atlantic Cafe's version is so good it's addictive.

                  2. Not terribly fond of mojitos overall (prefering instead sangria), but I do like the pomegranate mojito served at the Whisper Lounge at the Grove.

                    1. The mojitos at Havana Mania in Redondo Beach are delicious and refreshing (it's supposed to be their drink specialty) and not very expensive. They've also got a great ox tail and rice dish I highly recommend to anyone who ventures to Redondo Beach for Cuban food.

                      1. Xiomara is the defintely the best. They take huge stalks of sugarcane and feed them into this massive machine that creates real sugarcane juice. Very cool to watch. Plus, they serve them up in these tilty glasses -- it really makes you feel like you're DRINKING.