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Jan 18, 2007 08:53 PM

Who Makes the Best Mojitos?

Westside preferred, but anyplace between downtown and the beach would be okay. TIA hounds.

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    1. Second the recommendation for the mojitos at Hungry Cat -- actually, all of their cocktails are quite nice.

      The best mojito I ever had in Los Angeles was at the now-defunct Cinnabar in Glendale. If you could find out where their former bartender works today, you'd find your perfect mojito.

      1. The Abbey --- their Rasberry Mojito's are especially tasty with fresh rasberries!

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        1. O-Bar's aren't the best, but they just might be the best value. $20 for a large cocktail shaker, enough for at least 3 pours (more like 4, but the 4th is a little watery).

          They use fresh mint and fresh lime juice, and the mojito is quite refreshing. I like slightly more zing in mine, but my friends loved it. There's a whole list of variations on mojitos. My favorite after the original (slyly named The Missionary) was the porch swing (an iced tea/lemonade twist on the usual).

          I keep saying I'm going to go to The Abbey or Hungry Cat, but the crowds are always so daunting. I might very well be missing out on better mojitos, but I like the relative quiet of O-Bar.

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            I'll second O-Bar's mojitos. I thought they were excellent, and way better than the poor excuse for a mojito I've had at Ciudad.

            1. re: CynD

              Ditto on Ciudad mojitos...They apparently have 2 different kinds-- one that is made as one would expect, with fresh mint, etc. and the other from a mix. It's a disgrace and one of the many reasons I can't stand that place.