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Jan 18, 2007 08:47 PM

"Yolato" on Sullivan

Just tried Yolato on Sullivan by W. 3rd. It defines itself as "Premium Yogurt Gelato"...I couldn't be more skeptical of the concept, but it wasn't bad! In fact the white chocolate/raspberry was fairly good. The nutella had a very strong and somewhat off-putting flavor, but it appeared as though the way to go was probably the fruit flavors. $3.99 for quite a small portion of this arguably fad item is a bit high, but I'd say its worth a taste.

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  1. Looks like a branch is going to open on Broadway and 83rd.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. it's actually on McDougal. liked the yogurt & hazelnut flavors

          1. Yolato offers frozen yoghurt and yoghurt gelato as well as sorbettos. The frozen yoghurt is similar in concept to Pinkberry but I recently discovered that Pinkberry's secret ingredient is 7-up which is how they get that icy mouth feel. I'm really sad about that since I love to share food with my son but of course I'm not going to give 7-up to an 8 mo old. (They can say it's all natural because now 7-up comes in the all natural variety with only 4 ingredients, water, sugar, citric acid, and lemon lime juice.) That's why I hope you will try Yolato so it will stay in business till the summertime when I'm sure tons of people will discover it and love it!

            The gelato is very flavorful, basically peanut butter is going to taste like peanut butter, apple is going to taste like apple, instead of what you think is the flavor based on what you've been conditioned to expect. For example, we all know what real strawberries taste like, but a lot of things that are strawberry flavored do not actually taste like real strawberries, like nesquik.

            I tried four flavors-mango, coconut, nutella, and banana cream. They were all fantastic and quite filling. I thought they gave out much bigger portions than Pinkberry on 32nd so that was also a plus for me. And they also have crepes and the best hot chocolate you will ever have (it has chocolate yolato melted into it). Can't wait for the UWS location to open so I can have it at least once a week!

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              where does this 7-Up information come from? I"m not able to find anything about it, and googling finds sites that attribute it to your comment here..

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                7-up "all natural" is a crock of BS which has thankfully been stopped by the company, see link below.


                burns me up that a soda would claim to be all natural. grrrrrrrr.