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Jan 18, 2007 08:46 PM

Le Creuset Deal--Worth finding old ones

A former roomate left behind a 2qt Le Creuset dutch oven with the enamel nearly burned completly off the bottom. I'm sure whoever used it didn't know it was an excellent heat conducter and just blasted the thing while cooking. I contacted Le Creuset customer service and even though the pot was found they offered to replace it and gave me %75 off a brand new one. I got to choose another color (chose cobalt, the found one was brown), and it's being delivered to my door. So total cost for a new one, plus shipping in the old one, was around $52, cheaper than anything I saw on Amazon, etc. Worth it if you happen across one somewhere at a Goodwill or something!

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  1. Good news. I got screwed on E-Bay when I bought a smallish Dutch oven only to discover upon purchased that the same thing had happened. They simply covered it up with the angle.

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      oh, that sucks! i wasn't sure if they understood completely that i had "inherited" the pot (rather than being the original owner), but they readily offered the discount as long as i mailed it in (7lbs, about $13.00 from bay area to north carolina). i think they take a lot of pride in the lifetime use and quailty of their stuff, so it's better for them to have happy customers. i communicated the entire transaction through email. good luck! let me know if they do the same thing for you.

    2. No way! I found a dutch oven in the same condition. I'll definitely have to contact them. Where in NC are they located?

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        it's called early branch, and sorry, that's south carolina. unfortunately, the discount you get is from their "dealer" price of $155 for the 2 qt., which is much more expensive than i have seen new elsewhere, but it's still a good deal all in all.

      2. They are damn good, uh, pots.