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Jan 18, 2007 08:44 PM

Sasabune today

Set lunch -- make sure to tell them you don't want to start with that terribly overdressed albacore sashimi:

-- toro
-- bluefin tuna
-- skipjack
-- halibut
-- butterfish
-- yellowtail (x2)
-- salmon
-- red snapper
-- albacore
-- kampachi
-- scallop
-- blue crab roll

Tons of food, much of it interestingly sauced (no not everything is sauced the same) and all of it delicious. Service is so friendly it is unbelievable to think the same people were responsible for the abortion at Sawtelle and Nebraska. With a soda it came to $40/person.

Sasabune is putting out an excellent product right now at good value.

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  1. I'm definitely visiting now. But according to the waitress when I stopped by just to check it out she showed me the omakase list which starts at $60 and also the "Japanese omakase" which runs at 90 bucks and up.

    Did you happen to sit at a table so it was cheaper, or maybe the skipping of the albacore sashimi which is probably a good 15 bucks or so did the trick.

    anyways, yeah, the waitress was super duper nice.

    It may be that they need more business to satisfy the rent, due to the much, much, much larger space and the continued tradition of closing both for lunch and dinner on the weekends.

    1. I had the omakase menu a few week's back: I'm still dreaming of that iced toro... (drooling)

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      1. re: SauceSupreme

        i saw someting on the menu labeled chilled toro is that the same as ice toro?????

        1. re: kevin

          That's it! O my goodness that was the best of an already excellent tasting menu. I had been spoiled all evening long to succulent slices of fresh fish, never once needing to use soy sauce/wasabi/ginger to heighten the flavor. As soon as I took one bite of the chilled toro, the creaminess of the tuna began to dissolve in your mouth, but because its cold consistency (coupled with its roe-like shaping), it actually seemed to effervesce on my palate. I describe it to my friends as having evaporated.

          I would go again to Sasabune just for that.

          A group of friends and I all each had the tasting menu, and were completely stuffed by the end. I couldn't even touch the fresh crab roll at the end, and barely ate the lobster plate.

      2. how much was it per? did you ge the omakase or japanese omakase/

        1. once in a while, when the weather is warm in Japan, they get the big eye tuna. The way it's cut and presented to you. It's beyond amazing.

          1. When it's good it's really good. One of our faves.