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Jan 18, 2007 08:43 PM

360 Reservations

I would like to take my out of town parents to 360 with my new boyfriend in mid february. I left a message several days ago but have not heard back yet.

How long does one typically have to wait for a call back? (We'd be dinning on a Sunday evening).

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  1. I'd just give them another call, they should really call you back within 24 hours..

    1. They've always called me back the same day, so I'd call again. They must have lost the message or something.

      1. not sure you need to call so far in advance, though. 4 of us went last saturday night and had called a week or so before. had a great meal too. enjoy.

        1. I always call after 5:00PM a few days before I plan to arrive. They answer the phone, book the reservation. No call back necessary.