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Jan 18, 2007 08:38 PM

Valentines Day Recommendations

Wanted to know what you guys would recommend, i know when this time of year rolls around alot of places will have an overpriced menu with nothing speacial.

So looking for some nice cool place, good food (seafood, meats, etc..) something with no outrages menus.

location prefferable around hollywood/LA area or SFV

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  1. Give us a geographical location and we will help.

      1. If you do a search of past years, there are very few positive reviews even of the best restaurants on Valentine's Day. Your best bet would be to plan your dinner for the day before or day after, when dining will be better. Otherwise, if you are set on going out on Valentine's day, I'd pick a restaurant you patronize regularly and make your reservations early. Valentine's day is NOT the day to try out something new or hit up somewhere special, because you won't see the best the kitchen has to offer and it's usually not a fair night to judge a new place.

        1. Il Cielo in Beverly hills is known to be very romantic and they only take reservations for 2, so it has a nice quiet atmosphere.