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Jan 18, 2007 08:17 PM

Nuvo Kitchen & Wine Bar (Roslindale)

Has anyone been here lately? The menu looks fairly standard so I haven't rushed to check it out, but when I walked by last night it was full of people. Maybe it's worth a visit?

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  1. I took advantage of their prix fixe and it was okay. Nothing great but you might as well check it out. Glad to hear people are going. Now, has Salute gotten any better?

    1. good to know; thanks!
      and no clue about salute...after that first experience, it would take a lot to get me back there!

      1. I had a good meal there a few months back.. the owners seem very nice and the wait staff was great. I went James Gate last night and my dinner at NuVo was much better.. Iw on't be going back to James gate for anything....

        1. This place is good!!! The Duck Eggrolls are great and the Lobster Ravioli is very good also. Owners and staff are very nice and accommodating. I had the best cosmo there - I believe it was called a Rosipolitian, very tasty drink!!