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Jan 18, 2007 07:40 PM

Very good soft churro at Civic Center Farmer's Market

I was at the CC Farmer's Market in SF yesterday and decided to buy a churro, even though I don't usually like them that much. Most of the churros I've had before are pretty crunchy, but the one I got yesterday was very soft (like a doughnut) which I really liked. Can anyone recommend other places to get soft churros like this? Possibly it was just undercooked (it was almost mushy inside, like raw dough) but I'd like to know if there are certain churro makers/vendors that tend to make them less crispy all the time. Or places where I can request some churros that are fried for less time?

It's very possible that soft churros exist all over the place and I just had no idea. Like I said, I'm not a churro expert at all, since until yesterday, I didn't think I liked them.

Dave MP

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  1. There's a new churro stand at the Alemany Farmer's Market, so I wonder if this is the same stand you visited. Anyway, the Alemany Churro was ok, but they fry them on the spot so maybe you can request that they limit the frying time. I don't know that I would splurge on their churros again. I'll save my calories for the alfajores stand.

    You can also get churros on Sunday at La Flor de Jalisco bakery on 24th St. They fry them all at once - I think - so they probably don't take special requests. These are also just ok.

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      I have had the churros at Flor de Jalisco, though when I went there it was on the later side, so they might not have been *as* fresh. Although the one I ate at the farmer's market was also sitting under a heatlamp, so I was quite surprised when I bit into it and it was so soft! Maybe it was a fluke though...I may try to go to the Alemany Farmer's market this weekend, so I'll post if I see the stand there. Otherwise maybe I'll check it out again next Wednesday and ask the vendor himself. I'll report back

      Dave MP

      1. re: Mari

        I had one at Alemany a week or so ago, and the same thought crossed my mind: that it might be the same vendor as Civic Center. It was just out of the fryer, and not overcooked on the inside (I agree with Melanie's description of what it should be below). So, Dave, I'd try them, recommended. One of the better churros I'd had in a while, probably because it was fresh. I enjoyed it with a champurrado: just the thing on a cold morning.

        The stand is right next to All-Star Tamales. Choice of plain churro or one with caramel filling (I like plain).

        By the way, the *worst* churros in SF are at the Ballpark (ATT/SBC/Whatever). To be avoided!

      2. Wait - I forgot about my other churro find. The Royal Bakery in the Excelsior District on Mission at Russia also sells fresh churros. They also fry them all at once and put them on display next to the register. These are actually the best of the 3 (Churro Stand & La Flor de Jalisco) but a little crunchy. However, I don't know think that churros are supposed to be doughy like you describe since they should have a little crunch.

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        1. re: Mari

          Thanks much for the churro update, Mari! The outside should be crispy, but the interior should be light and eggy, imo. The hard ones you run across have often been fried much in advance and then ossified under a heat lamp.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            I agree. A soft churro sounds like a soft bagel. It should be crunchy on the outside and tender within.

            1. re: Earl Grey

              One of the wonders of a churro is its extruded fabrication creating those small ridges for more surface area browning and crisping --- brilliant invention!

        2. There's a lady who's been occasionally selling churros out of a cart on the corner of Market & Montgomery (haven't seen her there lately though.)

          The one I sampled was well past fresh, but it was still crunchy outside/soft inside. Made me think what it might be like if it were fresh, but the odds of that happening seemed nil, considering the circumstances.

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          1. re: josquared

            Does she pre-make these and then sell them on the street? I have noticed a few roaming churro vendors around SF who carry the churros on a tray on top of a little grocery cart.

            1. re: Mari

              I think so - in fact, after not seeing them for awhile, she was back today. I think she might have a partner as well, because I passed by two corners in a row (Market & Montgomery; Mission & New Montgomery) with churro vendors.

              I upped for one again just to confirm my first impression; nicely crunchy and lightly sweetened on the outside, chewy and eggy inside. But they're not freshly fried by any means, and with the cold weather, they're likewise on the cold side.

            2. re: josquared

              I have also seen a churro guy that walks up and down Mission near 22nd selling churros that are already fried. I haven't tried them, so no word on quality.