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Healthy Snacks

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I am a recently diagnosed pre-diabetic or diabetic if you don't consider pre-diabetes real. I also need to lose about 40 more pounds. Looking for suggestions for low carb, low calorie, snacks that really serve to curb late afternoon and evening munchies. Taste is definitely important.

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  1. The key is to always have a little bit of protein with your carbs and stick to complex carbohydrates. For example a small piece of cheese with an apple. A piece of whole grain toast with natural nut butter (almond, cashew, etc). A hard boiled egg with carrot sticks and celery sticks is a good snack. Stay away from refined sugars (jams, juice, white bread and pasta).

    I wish you well. I believe it is possible to see great, immediate improvements with Type II Diabetes with small dietary changes and moderate exercise.

    1. Hummus with celery! Low-fat mozzarella sticks are nice, maybe with a few Triscuits or other whole grain cracker which offers complex carbs.

      1. Turkey teriyaki jerky

        a cup of lentil soup

        hummus is a good suggestion, you could probably get away with a whole wheat mini-pita or two with it as well

        Non-fat Greek style yogurt with some cut up strawberries or frozen blueberries

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          I think the yogurt with fresh fruit is a good idea, but I would add a small amount of fresh, not roasted, almonds or walnuts for some extra protein.

          Where do you get turkey teriyaki jerky? Sounds tasty. My "bubbie" used to make beef jerky years and years ago. Haven't had beef jerky in years, but turkey jerky sounds interesting.

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            I get turkey teriyaki jerky at Trader Joe's, but I'm sure they have it at regular markets.
            The nuts are a good idea, but you have to watch the calories, and Greek-style yogurt has quite a bit more protein than regular yogurt.

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            where do you get turkey jerky without a lot of sugar & salt? especially teriyaki

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              Maybe Whole Foods...but I don't find the sugar and salt to be a problem in the amount that you would normally eat. Salt doesn't bother me at all, because I don't eat fast food or processed foods, I use as much as I want otherwise.
              And there's not that much sugar in one serving of beef or turkey jerky, unless you're on an extremely strict low-carb diet.
              Both ingredients are fairly necessary for good flavor.

          3. I love me some edamame in the pods. Not only do I love the taste, the mere act of me having to pick or push it out of the pod makes the whole snacking process fun (playing w/food) and makes it last longer than just shoveling it in.

            I also love almonds and dried cranberries. Those two are my latest obsessions.

            1. I like low-carb yogurt, cheeses, pepperoni chips (microwave sliced pepperoni on paper towels until crisp - "crispy" is a nice change when you're following a lower carb way of eating), lettuce wraps with deli meats and cheeses, egg salad, avocados, etc.

              I haven't had to worry about calories (I use low-carb for weight loss/maintaining that loss and keeping my cholesterol and triglycerides down) so I never watched the fat/calories, so I think that's about the end of my helpful hints. (I go through a ton of butter, heavy cream, sour cream, avocados, bacon, cheese, bleu cheese dressings, etc with fresh veggies.)

              1. What type of food do you like? What are your usual snacking choices?

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                  Thanks for all the responses so far. Some of the food I like I really shouldn't be eating much of anymore (such as candy) since it addition to the carbs and calories it makes me sleepy plus more hungry later. Over the past few months I have been having small pieces of lower fat cheese and sometimes celery and lower carb yogurt. Looking for new ideas and healthier ways to satisfy cravings particularly when they are for something sweet.

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                    My mother was recently diagnosed with diabetes (a few months ago) and she has done really well with her diet. She has lost a lot of weight since she changed her diet and has been able to keep her blood sugar within a healthy range.
                    She eats a small amount of food every few hours. She has cut out sweets, most carbs, fat, fried food, fast food, etc. She has added more fruits and vegetables.
                    My healthy snack suggestions that may work for you: cottage cheese and fruit, a hard-boiled egg, apple slices with a little peanut butter, tomatoes and cheese. I love raw veggies like broccoli and carrots.
                    I like the pepperoni chips and lettuce wraps ideas above. I'll have to give those a try myself.

                2. I love snacking on wasabi peas, lunch meat, cottage cheese, and if I'm dying for sweet I go for greek yogurt with honey on it. Fruit is good too, it just doesn't tide me over for very long.

                  1. Jicama has a nice sweet crunch. I also like raw kohlrabi (small ones) sliced into chips, as a snack.

                    1. Do to my dietary restrictions, I recently discovered Trader Joe's toasted, lightly salted dried Granny Smith Apple Slices. They are super crunchy, and a great combo of sweet, tart and salty. In fact, I'm happy to eat them in lieu of potato chips, and I find them sweet enough to be a dessert as well. The only ingredients are apples and salt. Good luck with your diet. I recently was diagnosed w/acid reflux, and have had to dramatically change my diet, so I feel for you.

                      1. Air-popped popcorn, plain or sprayed with a little walnut oil (about 1/4 tsp).

                        Edamame, as others mentioned.

                        Frozen grapes. Yes, even in the winter.

                        Miso soup.

                        Glenny's Soy Crisps.

                        Crispy chickpeas (homemade, so they're fat-free)

                        1. I eat almonds to curb my late afternoon hunger cravings. They are not low-cal, but you only need to eat a few to fill you up and stave off hunger. And they are high protein, and raise good cholesterol. And easily portable to work.

                          1. I love the dry roasted, lightly salted edamame they sell at Trader Joe's. I've seen it a shaw's too, but for some reason, the Trader Joe's kind tastes better to me. It's crunchy and tastes good and you can pick at it. There's a ton of protein too. You do have to watch how much you eat though because it's not calorie-free. I would imagine that like nuts, it probably raises good cholesterol too.

                            Just tonight I tried the lightly salted dried Granny Smith Apple Slices at Trader Joe's. Those are good.

                            They have freeze-dried pineapple and mango that is pretty low-cal, crunch, and delicious. No sugar added. But I don't know how good they are for blood sugar.

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                              I should also say that the TJ's edamame is cheap! it's only a dollar per bag. That's a great deal!

                            2. Many good ideas here. Also, try to think of foods that are high in water or fiber to fill you up, along with the protein/carb combo. I know they're out of season right now, but cantaloupe and strawberries are both fairly low sugar, high water content fruits, and in combo with a little protein would make a good snack in controlled portions. In summer, strawberries make good smoothies with protein powder of your choice.

                              Soup is probably more weather appropriate for most parts of the country now. Bean soup or minestrone will be filling, just watch the carb count on your portion. If you have a good thermos, it's portable--heat the thermos with hot tap water before filling it.

                              I don't know if this will appeal, but I used to make a "waldorf" yogurt as a snack--a cut or shredded apple in plain yogurt with toasted walnuts, some chopped celery, and a few dried cranberries. It was a good combination, but depends entirely on the yogurt being a good one like lowfat Wallaby or Fage. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I liked it!

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                                Thank you all so much for the great ideas.

                              2. Faye, I'm not sure if this will be helpful or not, but if you can spare the calories, try making a "coke float" with Coke Zero or Pepsi One or whatever diet cola or root beer of your choice and a splash of heavy cream, and if you prefer, a dash of sugar free vanilla syrup (such as Da Vinci - you can usually find sugar free syrups near the coffee section). Sounds a bit strange, but it tastes like the melted part of a coke float.

                                I was never much of a sweets-snacker (preferring salty/crunchy) but it usually hit the spot if my husband was eating ice cream in front of me. ;-)