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Best Chile Relleno Burrito in LA

This is pretty much my favorite comfort food. Anybody have a fave? I'd be willing to test them all for the sake of the CH community.

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  1. Small list:

    * Lucy's on La Brea, my New Years Eve Dinner this year... LOL!
    * Burrito King near Silverlake
    * Ana Maria's in Grand Central Market


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      Dommy, Lucy's is my current go-to place for Chile Relleno Burritos...oh, and a large Orange Bang. There's something about those two things together that just makes me feel good!

      1. re: Dommy

        I agree with Ana Maria's at GCM. Enormous and tasty chile relleno burritos

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          I had the Chile Relleno Burrito at Burrito King about a month or two ago. I was not too impressed. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't extraordinary. They served the WORST tortilla I have ever had a burrito wrapped in. It was horrific. Granted I had it at 1 am so I really didn't care, but I don't feel compelled to go back.

        2. The one at Tere's on Melrose has been recommended...I'm thinking of checking it out soon.
          Dommy, the Burrito King on Sunset? The one on Hyperion always scares me a little.

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          1. Not that I think it is necessarily the best in town, but I just had one for breakfast this week at Gilbert's El Indio on Pico Blvd. in Santa Monica (at 23rd street?) and it was quite tasty. Their chips were also hot and fresh from the fryer and I have always had a soft spot for their thin red salsa, and the pickled hot carrots went down well with the meal too.

            1. They'll get you whatever you want your way, except a new passport (unlike the Blue Parrot):

              The Talpa
              11751 W. Pico Blvd., WLA
              (310) 478-3353 ~ or ~ 479-9884

              I have a friend who loves their chile relleno (deep fired?) burrito; however, I have never taken that plunge...

              1. A friend ordered the chili relleno burrito every time we went to EL ABAJENO in Culver City.

                El Abajeno -
                4515 Inglewood Blvd, Culver City, CA
                (310) 390-0755

                1. I like the one at Tere's (5870 Melrose Ave., (323) 468-9345).

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                  1. re: David Kahn

                    My favorite item at Tere's, and they are now back from Christmas break. Definitely not fired or fried either!

                  2. Los Chiles Locos in Monrovia--corner of Mrytle and Duarte Rd. They also have some awesome stewed jalapenos located just inside the pickup window.

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                    1. re: raytamsgv

                      Okay, I've been going by there and not stopping for six years. This just made me run out of excuses! Thank you.

                    2. EL TACO on Firestone near Paramount, the best!

                      1. Mexicatessen on Atlantic in Monterey Park, really the best. Seriously.

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                        1. re: la vida dulce

                          I'll have to try that. I've been going to Mexicatessen since a child and only order their great bean & cheese burritos and crave their hard shell tacos sometimes. They have excellent refried beans so I'm sure their chile rellenos burritos must be great.

                          1. re: Ernie

                            Will have to try as well!! Although I guess it closes early because evertime I drive by at night it looks abandoned!!


                            1. re: Ernie

                              Ernie, this a real chile relleno, not an soggy omelet. They are Anaheim chiles hand dipped in a real batter. Excellent sauce, although it has changed over the years from a spicy tomate y cebolla to their own homemade chile colorado. Talk about comfort food. I was coming down with a cold and that burrito cleared it right up!

                          2. I used to get them from Oscar's in Redlands,Ca.
                            It had a traditional relleno with a small amount of refried bean,chile verde and cheese on the inside of the burrito and topped with a roasted red pepper sauce and jack cheese. It sounds like a lot of filling but the relleno was about 75 % of the filling. Boy was it yummy!