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Jan 18, 2007 07:07 PM

fresh tortillas from cinco de mayo, chelsea

Stopped by Cinco de Mayo in Chelsea, a Mexican restaurant and tortilla factory that supplies my favorite brand of tortillas that I normally get at Russo's. A nice dish of chicken enchiladas with mole poblano with a bowl of extra steamed tortillas, House made and as fresh as can be. These soft wonders and the chipotle flavored salsa and fresh chips (free) were the highlight of the meal. I also bought a bag of tortillas to take home still warm in the bag and melt in your mouth tender. They cost all of $1. If you're in Chelsea, it's well worth a stop (just off Broadway near Cross).

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  1. Is that right next to (or really close) to the Chelsea Walk Pub?

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    1. re: Bostonbob3

      It's located a stones throw from the Chelsea police station -- about 1/4 mile from the Chelsea Walk.

    2. By the way, these tortillas recently showed up in Star Market (Porter Square), or maybe I just noticed them recently. Way, way better than any of the other stuff available in the supermarket and dirt cheap, too (like $1 for a package of 20 gorditas or 40 tortillas or something like that).

      1. The tortillas are also at Market Basket on Somerville Ave. I love them too!

          1. These are corn, right? (also sold at Market Basket in Somerville). Do they make flour?