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Jan 18, 2007 06:57 PM

Cheese in Philadelphia

I will be traveling with my wife to philly Jan 27-28. Having dinner sat. night at Matyson's. We are staying at the Club Quarters in CC. I was wondering if there are any stores nearby that sell good cheeses and I was also looking for recommendations for cheese. We are not really fans of the stinky cheese, but open for anything else. Also looking for a bakery with good hard breads. The last time we were in Philly we ate at Django and absolutely loved their cheese plate. Thanks for any good ideas. Also we will be enjoying some wines from Moore Bros. with our cheese and maybe even a bottle of St. Bernardis 12 Degree Ale.

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  1. The new Di Bruno Bros. store is within a couple blocks of Club Quarters, they have multitudes of great cheeses, free samples, and knowledgeable employees who can help you find something you like.

    1. I'll second DiBruno Bros. It's at 18th & Chestnut. There are also a couple of wonderful cheese shops in Reading Market Terminal where you'll also find Metropolitan Bakery--a good source for wonderful breads. There's also a Metropolitan Bakery location just south of Rittenhouse Square, if you don't make it to Reading Market Terminal.

      You may also want to consider stopping by Tria Cafe (18th & Sansom)---it's a wonderful cheese, wine, and beer cafe. A great place for a late afternoon snack. Enjoy!

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        Duh, I forgot Tria! Definitely head over there if you're looking to sit around and eat cheese for a while. You could skip Moore Bros. entirely and just go there, actually.

        1. re: Buckethead

          skip moore brothers? hell no, they'd better not. that place is worth going to no matter what else you plan.

          as for cheese, dibruno's and reading terminal are by far the most accesible for youse. mmm, cheese...

          1. re: mazza3

            We love Moore, we usually buy their sampler case and a couple bottles as well.

      2. The cheese purveyors at RTM are great but DiBruno's and it's "cheese cave" is worth a trip just to see it. They have thousands of varieties but be sure to try the murcia al vino. They also sell other types of provisions including breads. There is a LeBus near Rittenhouse but I prefer the breads from Metropolitan (there is a location in the Reading Terminal Market but go early as stuff tends to sell out quickly on the weekends!) No dogfish head beer?

        1. Don't know what kind of cheese you are looking for, but there are two cheeses that my husband and I have recently fallen in love with.

          1st) Piave - a firm, aged sheep's cheese from the Pyrennes (oh my! apologies for my spelling!) We can't get enough of this cheese!
          2nd) A goat's milk camembert cheese called Pico - comes in a little round wooden box. Very mild and creamy, with a delicate white rind. Like camembert, just more mild and sweet.

          Let us know what you choose!


          1. Formaggio Piave is from the Piave river valley of Bellunao Italy. It is a wondurful cheese. Its taste resembles that of a young Parmigiano Reggiano. Try it with some speck.