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Sushi Ann

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51st off Park. Rising on my top sushi list. I got into a bit of a contest with the sushi chef. He'd put a piece in front of me and I'd have to identify it by its Japanese name and English translation. I was doing great (he referred to me as the "sushi master") until he threw me a curveball which I thought was abalone and turned out to be a cherrystone clam.

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  1. Better that Sushi Sen-nin?

    1. How was the cherrystone prepared? Was it steamed and lightly basted with a sauce or raw?

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        Steamed, I think and yes light sauce which is what threw me off. Very good though.

      2. i think sushi ann is underrated, its very good when you sit at the sushi bar though its not as good as a kuruma or yasuda

        1. Sounds good...i've never been there...what is the atmosphere like?

          1. i went last saturday night - food was good but not great --and $$. sashimi portions were a joke. i would suggest sushiden on 49th instead.

            1. Sushi/sashimi is not about portion size. It's about the freshness and quality of the fish, the skill of the knife, the presentation, the rice (with sushi). SushiAnn serves impeccable fish, in the hands of a master. "Food was good but not great" - how was the fish? The rice? They serve real wasabi, the seaweed is fragrant and toasted to perfection. Fish is sourced with care. Omakase is serious and worth every penny.