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Jan 18, 2007 06:41 PM

Sushi Ann

51st off Park. Rising on my top sushi list. I got into a bit of a contest with the sushi chef. He'd put a piece in front of me and I'd have to identify it by its Japanese name and English translation. I was doing great (he referred to me as the "sushi master") until he threw me a curveball which I thought was abalone and turned out to be a cherrystone clam.

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  1. Better that Sushi Sen-nin?

    1. How was the cherrystone prepared? Was it steamed and lightly basted with a sauce or raw?

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      1. re: Silverjay

        Steamed, I think and yes light sauce which is what threw me off. Very good though.

      2. i think sushi ann is underrated, its very good when you sit at the sushi bar though its not as good as a kuruma or yasuda

        1. Sounds good...i've never been there...what is the atmosphere like?

          1. i went last saturday night - food was good but not great --and $$. sashimi portions were a joke. i would suggest sushiden on 49th instead.