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Jan 18, 2007 06:41 PM

Miami Fish Tacos

I know most are found in San Diego, but are there any hotspots for fish tacos in Miami?

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  1. San loco and Lime have them, but we are not huge fans of either. our favorites are at zona fresca in ft lauderdale

    1. I get my fish taco fix at Baja Fresh in Coral Gables.

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      1. re: odurih

        I shudder at the thought of Baja Fresh being a go to place! Those tacos are on the bad side of mediocre.

      2. I've had some good fish tacos at Zona Fresca in Fort Lauderdale. A distant second, the fish tacos at Lime (I've been to the one in North Miami Beach) aren't half bad either.

        1. i find most of the food at baja fresh on the bland side. i like the fish tacos at Lime, but really like the ones at Zona Fresca better, cheaper too.

          there was an article in the Miami Herald this past thursday on a new place, Ver-Daddy's Taco Shop. Anybody try it yet?

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            Yes. See this post:

            After 2 bizarre experiences we've not gone back and are sticking with Rancho Grande, and mourning the loss of Arturo's Taco Max.

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              I saw fish tacos (with pickled onions) on the menu at the newly opened Quesadilla Grill in downtown Hollywood. I haven't tried it yet, but it might be worth checking out if you're in the area. It's on 20th between Harrison and Hollywood.

          2. Surf Road Taco in Hallandale Beach! 101 NE 3rd St. Lightly battered or grilled fresh mahi mahi with a cilantro lime cram sauce as good as you'd find in SoCal.

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              Sandbar in the Grove has good fish tacos. Mondays are taco day and they are pretty cheap.

              1. re: sanman

                Yea, and if you go on "White Trash Night" beers are only $2.