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Jan 18, 2007 06:34 PM

Thanks to Chowhound recs

My husband and I just had lunch at Arigato's on Lee Highway, near Expo and it was excellent. Probably the prettiest sushi I've ever had and everything was great. I had the oyaka donburi (great comfort food for the cold) and my husband had curry udon. We split a couple of orders of sushi,too. The decor was very nice, too. Completely different from the Arigato's at Fair Lakes.

A couple of weeks ago, we had lunch at Rice and Spice in Kingstowne/Alexandria and it was also excellent. Well, my husband's was excellent, I ordered their steamed chicken/veggies which was as good as steamed veggies/chicken will get. I think my husband had some fried calimari w/ spicy sauce.

And, we had a nice breakfast at Chutzpah. Iffier on the lunch but the breakfast was great. So, thanks for all the chowhound finds we would never have found w/out all your help!

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  1. Thanks for the report. So glad you enjoyed Arigato. I was there for lunch today too. Sat at the bar for a change and was really wowed by the beautiful presentation of the sashimi plates and the edible "decorations." It's my favorite sushi spot, and I typically order the same thing every time. But I branched out today and tried the Mexican Roll. Wasn't expecting to love it b/c honestly the combination of mexican flavors and sushi is a bit repulsive, but it was fantastic. Not sure why it's called mexican, there were no mexican flavors, but slightly fried yellow tail, with some crunchy shredded veggies and roe. It's been added to my list of sushi staples there.

    p.s. Not sure if they're affiliated, but the Fair Lakes Arigato is in a totally different, and lesser league than the 29 spot.

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      I wonder if we saw each other! Did you get the fried wonton appetizer? It was cream cheese filled? I was surprised that it was so good and delicate--not what I was expecting from a fried wonton! Our sushi came with red roe on top which just set it all off beautifully. We will definitely be back.

      I agree, it's totally a different league from the one at Fair Lakes. To be fair, we were only there for the lunch buffet one day but the decor and food were not good.

      1. re: chowser

        I always say I'm going to get a whole order of the fried wontons, because they bring everyone one with your water as soon as you are seated and I love them so! It is amazing how wonderful two simple ingredients are (cream cheese and scallion) when fried.

        1. re: Meg

          We didn't order the wontons, just a couple of amuse-bouches. I normally don't get fried food because it often comes out too greasy but these weren't.

      2. re: Meg

        You had my favorite! The Mexican Roll is what made Arigato one of my top sushi places! I think the spicy kick is what gives it it's name. I would tell a newcomer to sushi to try the Mexican Roll...this is one of the first pieces of sushi I had when I started liking sushi. I still don't branch out too far, I usually stick with the California, Spicy Tuna or Dragon roll. Fortunately Arigato on 29 is right down the street from my office...yum!

      3. It's hard to fathom such favorable impressions, unless this is not the place I went to. But I am pretty sure it was Arigato and what I remember is lukewarm fish that didn't taste fresh, bland miso and ginger that tasted as if it came from a bulk container.

        Then again, it's not as bad as Tachibana, where I went last week, which is surely one of the worst meals I've ever had.

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        1. re: biscuit

          I do not understand the hype over Tachibana. Have only been their once and I thought the sushi was just ok, but bordered on warm and mushy. I much prefer Arigato. I've never experienced anything but the freshest tasting fish there (and the spiciest of tuna rolls, which automatically puts them high on my list). But I just discovered sushi a few years ago and you may have higher standards. If you give Arigato another try, please report back, I'd be curious what you think. But whatever you do, don't visit the one in Fair Lakes (buffet or not, it's really subpar).

          1. re: biscuit

            Which Arigato did you go to? I haven't been to many sushi places in this area but I'd say Arigato has been the best so far. I don't eat the ginger, though, just use it to get the soy sauce on the fish, so it might have been bulk container and I wouldn't know. The oyaka donburi was very good--it's such a simple dish but I've been to too many places where it was not good.

            1. re: chowser

              Perhaps I need to give it another shot. By chance, have either of you tried Sweet Ginger? I found the fish there to be the freshest I've had yet.

              1. re: biscuit

                No, where is it? I'd love to give it a try. Thanks!

                1. re: biscuit

                  Yep, was there last year. I thought the sushi was ok, but not necessarily outstanding. In general think Sweet Ginger is trying to be too many things to too many people/cuisines.