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Jan 18, 2007 06:22 PM

best east bay vietnamese?

preferrably veg-friendly...

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  1. Binh Minh Quan.

    There are some good Vietnamese dishes on the menu at Champa Garden.

    1. My current favorite is Bui, on Solano Ave.

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      1. re: Hop

        I just went to Bui and loved it. Are you looking for more upscale or more casual? Bui is definitely more upscale and doesn't serve things like pho or bun that I noticed, and definitely no bahn mi. (For the latter, I LOVE Ba Le II in El Cerrito.)

        1. re: Hop

          Bui is very overpriced. The food is good, but portions are small and we came away hungry. We split a vegetarian spring roll and had one entree of tofu and one of chicken with eggplant which was about 1/2 cup of minced chicken and the rest a whole sauteed Japanese eggplant. Two glasses of wine and it was $30!!!!! It is trying to be a Slanted door I guess, but it should be just a good neighborhood place.

          1. re: Hunicsz

            I third Binh Minh Quan. In fact, I regularly walk right past Pho 84 from my office to go another five blocks to BMQ (which is also quieter and less crowded as well as having better food, IMO).

            Just had lunch there Tuesday; in addition to some old favorites (the crepe and the stuffed chicken wings), we tried the pork and ginger in clay pot, which I don't think I've had before. It was a hit! (though obviously not vegie friendly; there are choices on the menu that are however).

            1. re: michele_corum

              What dishes are good there at Pho 84 ? thks

              1. re: Han

                I haven't ever had a bad meal at Pho 84 and I go there serveral times a week. Personal it's #61 dark, which is a chicken dish, but they have a wonderful selection of vegetarian dishes.

                1. re: Han

                  If you like spicy, nothing can beat #47 at Pho 84: a tofu curry with black mushrooms, vermicelli, and garlic. No other downtown Oakland Vietnamese place makes it even mildly spicy - not even the oft-venerated Binh Minh Quan.

              2. Has anyone recently tried Unicorn in Berkeley?


                (the last link is a looong post, but Unicorn is in there near the end of the original post)