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Jan 18, 2007 06:20 PM

Jonnycakes that are worth a trip?

I'm looking for an extraordinary jonnycake, aka johnnycake. I prefer the thin, lacy-edged style, but will go for the thick kind if it's really good. Anywhere in New England, though I expect to find it somewhere in RI.

The closest I come in Greater Boston is at the Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown, MA, which does a passable thick-style version which it serves with good butter and honey. A breakfast place I otherwise like on the Cape, Persy's, does a terrible version, like a wheat pancake with a little cornmeal mixed in.

I understand that Commons Lunch in Little Compton, RI has reopened after a devastating fire a couple of years ago, and I always liked their (thin) version, but a recent review suggests these aren't all that great anymore. Any ideas?

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  1. I think Commons Lunch still serves a good jonnycake, though I prefer the thick version.

    1. I also love the thicker version at Jigger's Diner.

      We tried the thinner version at Commons Lunch (before the fire) and i wasn't all that impressed with the place in general, though it's a great location.

      Sorry I couln't help you more with this.

      1. I'd second the recommendation for Jigger's Diner, in E. Greenwich. The Jonny Cakes are the thicker variety, but they're very good, and the diner itself is great looking, and has very good to excellent diner fare. They'll also sell you real maple syrup for a buck, which I really like with the Jonny Cakes.

        1. They serve johnny cakes at julie's in Acton. Don't know if they are the real deal, but they are thick - cooked on the griddle with metal rings.