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Jan 18, 2007 06:19 PM

Looking for authentic chile beans recipe

I am not looking for anything that contains tomatoes or bell peppers. I am looking for a sauce that is actually red because it is made from chiles. I am also hoping that this ideal recipe would be made from chiles that are readily available in California. Any ideas?

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  1. What kind of authentic chile? There are so many...but to the point, start with either a good quality ground chile powder or dried red chile, soaked in hot water to soften the skin, puree, then strain (to get the skin and seedso out). Then I'd saute some garlic and if you want meat (ground pork, beef, turkey), add the chile, some water (how think do you want it?) and more seasonings (cumin, salt, etc.). Done!

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      What variety of chile pepper do you use? There are so many. I am looking for a chile with a good rich flavor as well as heat. Thanks!

    2. I'm originally from New Mexico, so I use Hatch red (import it to NYC when friends visit). Really just anaheim that's been left on the plant long enough to turn red and then dried (alot of chile ristras you see around for decor = red chile I used). Seems the brands sold in stores are probably pretty similar, and I've noted that many of them are in fact manufactured in CA.

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        Thank you! That is exactly the information I am looking for and I will try it out this weekend.

      2. For red sauce I mix for what I think is a rich red chile sauce, Guajillos, California Chile, and the Pasilla for dark and a little sweet.
        Not too long ago I made a salsa after soaking about a cup of the little dried red chiles (probably serranos )about a cup or so, onion, garlic, cumin and a little oil , something I saw Michael Chiarello when he was making a salsa. It was dark red, and was wayyyyy hot. But was a good condiment.

        1. the reference to the ristras was the big chiles, not the little ones, that would be WAY TOO HOT!

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            I knew that... I lived in beautiful New Mexico for a year. I remember those well..

          2. Lots of good information - thanks to all who wrote. I am planning to arm myself with chiles/chile powders to experiment with chile con carne and mole (for enchiladas) this weekend! My sister and I are experimenting with "California Rancho Cooking" by Jacqueline Higuera McMahan and coming up with lots and lots of good things.