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Jan 18, 2007 06:04 PM

Breakfast or dinner near York, ME

Since there was a discussion about Biddeford area, which is a bit too far north of where my mother lives to travel there for food (I could suggest, but it would be stretching it -- Wells is doable), I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for places that are within reasonable driving distance of York Beach, ME...

Best if it's not haute cuisine (I don't think I could get my mother to go to White Barn or Arrows if I'm understanding their pricing from other posts about them -- only on a really special occasion), and it doesn't have to be seafood - in fact, I'm hoping to hear a good mix of recs.

For breakfast, my mother seems to always want to go to Bull and Claw for their breakfast buffet on the weekends (sunday is it?).. it's food, but it's not that great, and have dinner just at the local chinese place or Union Bluff hotel in York Beach.

I'm *much* more of an adventurous type, and am always hoping I can convince them to go to places with better food... I've been trying to get her to go to Wild Willy's for burgers for a while now (I only get up there a few times a year), as I've heard they have good burgers there.

I know most places are closed for the season (Wild Willy's is I know) -- hearing about seasonal places is fine too.

So, any suggestions?

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  1. Food &Co, a sort of grocery store/restaurant on Route One in York (Cape Neddick area) has a really excellent breakfast. Lots of choices, not outrageously expensive. Lots of benedicts, eggs with grits, delicious pancakes, real maple syrup etc. If you take Exit 7 to Ogunquit and The Yorks- at the light Stonewall Kitchen will be on your left and the York Welcome Center on the right-take a right and about 1/2-1 mile down on the left behind a bank (Federal Credit Union??) is Food and Co. Thay also have nice lunches and take out dinners.

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    1. re: emilief

      Ooh! now that's what I'm talking about. Sounds great!
      I love benedicts (irish benedict especially), and good pancakes with real maple syrup sounds wonderful.

      Hopefully I can steer my mother down the road a little more when she plans for us to go to Norma's.
      Norma's isn't bad itself - but I'd say average -- it's definitely a hangout for the locals.

      I'm guessing Food & Co is only open during the summer, am I right?

      1. re: Keithel

        As far as I know Food & Co. is open all year round. Just give them a call.

    2. Hi There!

      I wasn't sure if you were thinking about going there now or in the summer, but here are some suggestions. These are mostly for dinner, usually just chow at the Egg and I for breakfast! :-))

      SW Swan Bistro-one of my favorite restaurants! On Shore Rd., in Ogunquit. Really nice, delicious food. Have a wonderful bar and it's nice and cozy in there. But, don't think if they're open in winter.

      Bintliffs: Some people might roll their eyes at this one, and I actually have only had drinks and apps there. Wait, I did have Sunday brunch there. I think it's really nice and homey, but on the pricey side. Brunch was delish! Also in Ogunquit.

      Five-O-Shore Road in Ogunquit. I've only had drinks here (I do eat when I go to Maine! :-)), and intended to go there to eat one night last summer and they were closed for a private party. But it's supposed to be great food. I will eat there some day!

      Mike's Clam Shack: This is on Rt. 1 in Maine. Don't let the name fool you. They've expanded, so it's not even shack-like any more (and neither are the prices), but they have awesome seafood (their large lobster rolls are huge!) and always fresh. And the waitstaff is really good and attentive, something is becoming rarer and rarer these days.

      The Lobster Barn-Rt. 1 on the York/Ogunquit line. This is another nice, cozy restaurant with great seafood and reasonable prices.

      Hope this helps! :-)

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      1. re: Addisonchef

        I need recs for both summer and winter, since my Mother lives there year round. I go visiting at thanksgiving, christmas, and usually at least one time during the summer.

        Bintliffs -- They don't happen to have another one in Portland, do they? I seem to recall hearing about it having good fancy brunch fare.

        1. re: Keithel

          yes Bintliff's is in Portland and I think its the original

        2. re: Addisonchef

          Definitely helps! thank you for the recs.

          1. re: Keithel

            Have you been to York Harbor Inn? If not the dining room, try the pub.

            1. re: jackattack

              Are you thinking the Union Bluff (Hotel, restaurant and bar) on Short Sands beach?
              That's the only thing I can think of -- but then again, I don't make it down to long sands beach much when I'm up there.

          2. re: Addisonchef

            At Bintliffs you made the right choice - drinks. I ate there twice, they don't seem to care much about quality either in food or service. I'd say the same about Five-O-Shore Road. We had apps and a drink, so granted that we didn't set the servers sights very high, the least they could have done was be attentive and they weren't. Chatting at the bar and service area with each other was obviously their focus. Yes, I realize this is a common occurance.

            1. re: feelinpeckish

              My wife and I just went to Bintliffs in Ogunquit for breakfast. The food was excellent BUT when the waitress asked if I wanted to pay extra for real maple syrup instead of the included "House Blend" I almost choked! The idea of paying an extra $2.50 for maple syrup when I'm already paying so much really turned me off.

          3. There is a place in Ogunquit. Called the Omelet factory just outside of down town on the right Just after Juniper Hill Resort Very small but serve very good breakfast and lunch only. Good luck.

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            1. re: Earle

              I have seen this place -- never knew if it was good or not, but good to know they have good food.

              As is good to know The Egg and I is good too.. I've seen that one too.

            2. Omellette Factory is indeed excellent for breakfast. A suggestion for dinner is Anneke Jans in Kittery- wonderful food, casual atmosphere, great cocktails and nice service- I believe open year round. And there is MC Perkins Cove in Ogunquit- excellent food, wonderful view. I believe they are closed for the month but reopen in February.

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                I ate at MC Perkins Cove for the first time last summer. Highly recommended by Gourmet, so I just had to go there! :)) Anyways, I was disappointed. I ordered a salad and a mussels appetizer. The salad was delicious, but it's something I've since replicated, but it was good. The mussels were soooo salty, I almost didn't finish them (I suppose if you ATE it as an app. everyone would just get a little bite.) I remember my SO really enjoyed his meal, I think it was beef. I agree the ambiance is wonderful and cozy and the service was top notch. Might try it again, but at our first visit, just found it ok for the money.

                Another place for breakfast is Amore, also on Shore Road. Finally tried it last summer after seeing lines and lines of people for years. I think they're only open in the summer, and I believe they're open from Wed-Sun. Really good food, the coffee was just eh. A little on the pricier side for breakfast.

              2. We have had breakfast at Amore several times and always found it to be not so good. The coffee is awful- surprising in a place that only serves breakfast. I was in the mood for pancakes and they don;t have them- also surprising. Ordered blueberry waffles and they were plain waffles with some kind of frozen syrupy blueberries on top with whipped cream. Ugh! Maple syrup is $1. This place is way overrated. Try Food and Co. and I bet you will be delighted- only about 15 minutes from Ogunquit.