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Jan 18, 2007 06:03 PM

Help on Portuguese Reds

Anyone out there know about some good Portuguese Reds? Maybe around $15-25?

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  1. Quinta do Portal (very old port house) has some amazing still red wines that are very affordable. I cannot recall the names of them though, sorry!

    1. I asked a similar question in September and here's the advice I got:

      1. You'll find tasting notes on a few currently available Douro's here:

        1. There are literally dozens from which to choose. I don't know where you live, so it's difficult for me to know what's available in your market.

          That said, from the Douro, in addition to Quinta do CĂ´tto, Qta. do Infantado and Qta. de la Rosa, there are many other quintas making some truly exceptional wines. Among them are Quinta do Crasto, Quinta Do Vallado, and Qta. do Valle D. Maria.

          From the Dao, look to Alvaro Castro's wines.

          From the Alentejo, look for Heredad do Esparao, Cortes di Cima and Quinta do Carmo.

          Also, Sogrape -- yes, the company that makes Mateus Rose -- has some really delicious reds from the Douro, Dao and Alentejo (Reserva Douro, Duque de Viseu, and Vinha do Monte, respectively).

          And from Terras do Sado, look for the wines from Jose-Maria da Fonseca (Periquita, Vinho Tinto, Classico, etc.)

          Hope that helps.

          1. check out Altano, from Douro and made by Warre's. its imported by Vineyard Brands. I've not tried it in a while, but in the past it was very good and a good price.