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Jan 18, 2007 06:01 PM

Getting chefs to do romantic dinners at your home.

Hi guys,
I was wondering if anyone knew of any chefs in the GTA area that would do romantic dinners for two? If so do you know the type of food and costs etc.? I'm wondering if I could afford it for Valentine's for my bf.? Thanks, and has anyone ever done this before?

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  1. I don't know of any off hand, especially if you want them on Valentine's Day specifically (not sure based on your posting) - then they'd have to leave their fully-booked restaurant, and I highly doubt that would happen.

    However, on a given regular night, this is possible. If hiring a reputable/marquee chef, I'd expect a dinner for two like that to run you somewhere between $500 and $1000 (chef's time, product, etc.) but this is just a guess.

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      Yes... it's a bit more than that... for a "name" Chef on a normal night you'd be talking $2,500 plus plus...

      1. re: Non Doctor

        I'm not surprised. The figure I gave was ballparked by a very reputable restaurateur I know, but I had a feeling his quote was low. Thanks for the more accurate projection.

    2. Does it have to be a chef with a restaurant? There are a lot of personal chefs out there these days. Perhaps someone on here knows some good ones?

      1. Here is a link to the Canadian Personal Chef Association. I think there are lots of chefs out there that will do that. If you do a google seach for personal chef you will get lots of websites that you can search on.

        1. speaking as a professional chef, if i had any time off, i would gladly do private dinners. the only problems being that this business dictates that i am usually working every night and that it is even harder for me to get time off as i run a small restaurant. the canadian personal chef association is a good choice for these functions.

          1. Years ago, Senses (on bloor) used to have a "do it yourself" Valentine's dinner, where they packaged everything you need and told you how to prepare it/heat it up at home.

            Wonder if they still do that?