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Jan 18, 2007 05:59 PM

Breadfruit/Jackfruit - where do I find it?

Where can I find breadfruit/jackfruit in San Francisco, either fresh or canned form?


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  1. I know markets with Filipino goods have the canned/bottled version (the container will be labeled langka and usually have jackfruit either in smaller type or parentheses).

    1. Big Asian markets are likely to carry it canned and bottled. I know May Wah on Clement St does. It's in the Filipino product section with lots of other bottled fruit.

      Fresh would be wonderful! I'd love to hear if you find it anywhere.

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          FYI, I got a hunk of fresh jackfruit this morning at the Alemany market, and it was quite pricey. I've been finding it canned at Manila Oriental Market in the South Mission/Glen Park area.

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            I've seen them fresh at May Wah on Clement St. before. I've also seen it in San Jose at the Century Mall (I think that's what you call it.) They had a stand in the parking lot. They are sold either whole (they are HUGE) or cut up into smaller pieces.

            Getting back to the OP on canned jackfruit, many of the Asian markets will have it in can form in the canned fruit aisle suck as May Wah, Wah Lien, 99 Ranch, Sunset Super, Manilla Oriental Market, etc.

          2. i've seen the whole fruits sold at lucky's in oakland on east 18th next to lake merrit