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Jan 18, 2007 05:58 PM

Wheatberries..Why are they always featured in salads but not in hot side dishes?

Every recipe for this grain (of which I have 2 containers that I want to use up) includes it in a cold salad. Any reason? Does anyone have a recipe for using them in a hot side dish? Can I use like barley, farro or any other grain? I have soft wheatberries and hard winter wheatberries.. What is the difference?

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  1. In baking, hard winter wheat is used for bread because it has a high gluten content. Soft spring wheat has less gluten and is used for making more delicate foods where gluten is not desired, for instance pie crust or cookies.

    I have both an electric grinder and a Vitamix that I use to grind my own whole wheat flour as needed. I'm convinced it makes the food taste much fresher than using store-bought flour. I also like to throw a handful of wheat berries (either kind) into the pot when I'm making brown rice. I like the chewy texture it adds. Just cook the wheat for about 15 minutes before you add the rice, as it takes a little longer to cook.