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Jan 18, 2007 05:20 PM

Astoria Greek Deli - Cold Appetizers

I'm looking for Cold Greek Appetizer take out. I did a search and came up with Alaida, 29-19 Broadway at 30th St that has take out. Any other recommendation that I can reach from the Steinway R & V subway stop. Many Thanks.

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  1. What exactly are you looking for?

    1. I'm looking for cold dips like taramosalata, tzatziki, scordalia, kopanisti, etc. Want to serve to dinner guests before main meal. I want to avoid the ones purchased in supermarkets. Thanks.

      1. My favorite place for taramosalata is Greek HOuse Foods at 32-22 30th Avenue. I think they also have tzatziki too.

        Mediterranean Foods also might have what you are looking for.
        30-12 34th St

        23-18 31st St

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        1. re: Abbylovi

          agreed- the gentleman is VERY nice good Taramasalata, Tziki (sp?) and a spicy feta dip. They are all made by his wife. There is alos a small but nice selection of cured fish, and very good olives.

          1. re: quentinC

            i really like greek house foods on 30th ave. but you should be aware that not all the dips are home made, eventhough they'll let you think they are. some of them come out of bulk krinos containers. they're still good, and are the same ones served and sold all over the neighborhood, but they're not homemade.

              1. re: joekarten

                I'm trying to invision a Greek Deli in Astoria similiar to one that I use to go to on Lexington Ave in the 80's many years ago. In the deli showcase were many huge oval platters of freshly made on the premises Cold Appetizer Dips. I would leave with containers of this incredible food. I don't want Krino's which I can easily purchase in our local supermarkets. I want fresh made on the premises. Is it possible that I'm dreaming and that what I'm looking for no longer exists. I'll give Alaida a try since it's also a restaurant and it's possible the Cold Appetizer Dips are fresh made.

                1. re: joekarten

                  u sure about this? both he and his wife tell me that they are homemade. except the hummus

                  1. re: Yaxpac

                    i can't be absolutely positive, but after thinking everything was homemade i bought the same things at Eurofoods on 31st and did a side by side taste test. most things were spot on the same. when i asked the deli guy at Eurofoods where the products came from, he said Krinos. the similarities between the products (texture, taste, color, consistency etc) were too uncannily similar for it to be a coincidence. so, my guess is that some things are homemade, but not all. and it wasn't just one time. i buy stuff at house foods all the time and it doesn't vary from week to week. that said, i still love their stuff and shop there frequently and still buy the dips. but i'm dubious about the claim of everything being homemade.

            1. If you take the N/W to Broadway you could try Heliopolis (block east on Broadway)they also have a huge beer selection for the area.