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May 6, 2005 12:32 PM

Where to find tres leches cake in San Francisco or the Peninsula?

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Any idea on where to get a great tres leches cake in San Francisco or on the Peninsula?

Additionally, any suggestions for tamales?


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  1. Safeway has a decent tres leches cake. I have not tasted it recently, but I was rather impressed when I purchased a piece of it from their dessert case. Maybe you can buy a piece and taste it first. I am not sure whether all Safeways carry the cake.

    If you decide to purchase it from Safeway, then make sure to special order it to ensure you get a freshly made cake (although tres leches is best if left in your fridge for a while to let all the milks soak in).

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      I had the chance to taste the Tres Leches cake made from Safeway (the store close to the area of the San Pablo Casino) It was special ordered for a birthday party, was a huge full sheet pan, nicely decorated was moist & yes tasted pretty good. Everybody who partook of the cake found it good, & if I am not mistaken the cake was not so pricey. It is one of those cakes that taste good while refrigerated, & it was picked up when dinner was almost over so it came straight from the store & was nice & cold when served.

    2. Lelenita's Cakes

      This is their thing. They are the best Mexican cake maker in SF. I've used them on a number of occasions and never been disappointed.

      Looking up the website an old review says they sometimes make fruit or cheese empandas. Will have to check that out next time I stop by.

      It is also mentioned (#34) in this article


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        I think Lelenita's is Central American (maybe from El Salvador).

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          I sampled Lelenita's Cakes' new recipe for Tres Leches cake with peaches and whipped cream yesterday afternoon and loved it because it's not as sweet as most cakes... it's also offered with fresh strawberries. So, now they offer two different Tres Leches... the traditional AND fruit-filled. Delicious!
          (1/2 sheet cake for 30 servings is about $70)

        2. I just saw this at Delessio today. I went for bread pudding, but sadly there was none. The tres leches looked very moist, and was topped with charred whipped cream (meringue?).

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            Didn't see the cake, but they had tres leches cupcakes on one visit. Stupidly I didn't buy one.

          2. I had one at Destino in SF just last night -- individual serving, though; not sure if you're looking for one to take home. The Destino one was quite nice.

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              The Pasta Shop (two locations: Rockridge in Oakland, 4th St. in Berkeley) has a very good (albeit high-priced) one--they rotate cakes, so not always available.