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Jan 18, 2007 05:12 PM

Best Vancouver BC Restaurants or Catering

We're planning a destination wedding in Vancouver. We're major foodies and want the best (or the best that we can afford!) for this unfortunately we won't be able to try any of the food and will have to rely on our wedding planner but thought Chowhound would also be a good resource.
This is the only part of planning a 'destination wedding' that makes us nervous - please share your expertise if you are familiar with the area. Thanks!

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  1. Culinary Capers is eccellant for catering Do you have your reception venue yet?

    1. we had culinary capers for our wedding. We wanted to get away from the rubber chicken and poached salmon option. The service was excellent, the price reasonable and food tasty. If you have the cash you could always approach some of the local chefs.

      1. I got married tehre not that long ago and some of my research may be able to help you. But first of all, do you have a venue and you are just looking for a caterer? Or are you looking for a restaurant?

        1. A "West Coast" experience doesn't always mean Seafood, but should include some. If you are going to restaurants you should include some of the places a Chowhound would check-out. Anyone will tell you to go to Lumiere, Rain City Grill, "C" or West and I guarantee a good time (mucho dineros). Personally I think you should visit Bin 941; Vijs, Sun Sui Wah (order live crabs from the tank and let them do their magic), Pink Pearl for Dim Sum & La Regalade Sur Mer (way out in West Van). If money is no object, sit at the Sushi Bar at Tojo's and let Tojo San surprise you. You should visit Senova on a Wednesday when they do suckling pig and Banana Leaf (the original on West Broadway) any day. Two new restaurants with great buzz (I haven't been to them yet) are The Flying Tiger (they recreate Pan Asian Street Food) and Gastropod. Also there is this great new place called Salt Tasting Room, a wine, cheese and charcuterie bar in Blood Alley in Gastown. All my meat supplier friends are raving about it.
          As for your wedding, you should give us detail about the kind of venue you are looking at and you can always drop me a line and I'll bring my Pit down from Whistler and Smoke Pit Barbecue you a Fraser Valley Lamb, or some Pemberton Valley Beef or a Barley Fed hog.
          Da Cook (

          1. Thanks for the advice - we do have a venue (we were looking for August 4th - a holiday weekend so it was tricky) - Coal Harbour CC in the room that looks out on the harbour and North Shore mountains. We wanted a place where we could have whatever food and alcohol we wanted - the two places our wedding planner has suggested we consider for catering are Culinary Capers and Diva at the Met - any thoughts on one versus the other?