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Jan 18, 2007 05:05 PM

Best 5 Chefs in LA

Top Secret!!!!
About 12 hours ago 5 of the Best Chefs in LA from the Restaurants: Melisse, Valentino, Providence, Water Grill, Ortolan got together to plan the first round of dinners to be held monthly at each Restaurant mentioned.

Each Chef will make a course for the Dinner and the projected prices will be somewhere between 100-120 per person which is pretty amazing.

Imagine all these Chef's cooking in one Restaurant at one time?
Details to follow shortly.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Sounds amazing- looking forward to hearing more about it!

      1. That does sound amazing. So once a month, all five of the chefs will make dinner together, and they'll rotate between the five restaurants every month? Or will they do all five restaurants on five different nights each month? Either way I'd bet reservations are gonna be hard to come by.

        1. Sounds interesting, but I am not sure those five are the best chefs in LA. What was the selection process? Have you tried Hatfield's? I eat in all of those restaurants frequently and enjoy them for the most part, but top five in LA? Not sure about that. The one common thing they all have is that these restaurants are half full most of the week.

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          1. re: BenJamin

            In my opinion these are the best 5 Chef's in LA. If you like Sona(been 3 times) or Hatfields(1 time, never again) or Grace (3 times, no rush to return) better that's cool.
            I've eaten at those also but am not impressed with any of them after several visits.
            As far as the Best Restaurants in LA being HALF FULL, that's the reason we don't have more of them? LA doesn't support Dining like SF or NYC?
            In & Out has a line out the door but I'm not in it!

            1. re: BenJamin

              It's hard to fault the chef or the restaurant for that trend. Thursday-Sunday are certainly busier for all restaurants in general, not just Valetino/Melisse/etc.

              1. re: BenJamin

                I think they meant best chefs whose influence comes from across the Atlantic whose restaurants are half full... Where's Masa, Nobu, Morihiro, Katsu, and Urasawa? I guess they're not chefs...

                  1. re: BenJamin

                    Kind of a knee-jerk reaction... didn't mean to sound gruff... just looking for a little diversity - we are in LA... I guess this is a classic, "according to who?" No denying those are reputable places with great chefs... maybe this town could start an, "Iron Chef Tag Team Match." The first five listed against the five I've listed... what a dream team competition...

                    1. re: bulavinaka

                      I did not think you were fact your spot on!!!

              2. Last time I was at Valentino it was a huge disappointment. The place was in major need of renovation... and the chow was just ok. Certainly a great wine list, but that was it.

                Any improvement? Renovations?

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                1. re: WineTravel

                  Been to Valentino's twice in the last 2 months , very good!