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Jan 18, 2007 04:56 PM

Geido on Flatbush and 7th ave

Anyone know about the nice-looking Japanese joint names GEIDO right on flatbush and 7th ave? it looks great but im always weary of trying new japanese places. was packed on a tuesday night the other night, tho - guess thats always a good sign...

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  1. Geido is perhaps the original Park Slope sushi joint.
    I've always enjoyed eating there and find the chef's specials to be tasty and creative. Since the opening of Yamato and Blue Ribbon Sushi, I've gone to Geido less often. Still, it has its passionate fans and I think it deserves to be tried.

    1. i've been to the geido on flatbush and its very good (though yamato is my fave). taro on bergen off of flatbush is very good as well.

      1. Yeah - Geido has probably been open for a decade, if not longer. I prefer Taro for sushi, but I really enjoy Geido's cooked foods.

        I stand corrected, Geido has been open for 22 years, so it's hardly new ;)

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          Agreed, Gedio is really about the cooked food. The sushi isn't terrible, but it's not what brings me there.

          If it's on the menu, try the chicken skin and garlic shoots. It's something you won't find at Taro or Yamato, and is delicious.

        2. I went to Geido a few days ago for the cooked food. It was pretty bad. Which is ashame because the cooked food was pretty good at one time. I had fried squid, fried stuffed mushroom, sardines the shrimp combo and a shrimp avocado salad with a California roll. None of it was tempura which may have been the problem. The breading overwhelmed the food, the stuff being fried was pretty tasteless. The salad had the same dressing on it as Fuji-San's. Btw, I did look for the chicken skin with garlic shoots, they didn't have it.

          1. Geido standout dishes are-
            Tempura Udon
            Seaweed Salad

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