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Jan 18, 2007 04:52 PM

Beer bar in park slope or prospect heights

im trying to find a nice beer-centric bar in pslope or psptheights. i know that many of the bars in the general area DO have decent-to-good selections of beer on hand, but im wanting for a real beer-lover's place. any recommendations?

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  1. The Gate - 5th Ave and 3rd St is probably your best bet?

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    1. re: EJC

      Second that. Or Brazen Head on Atlantic, tho that is not quite in your specified vicinities, it's close.

      1. re: prunefeet

        Although, if you do Atlantic Ave - Brazen Head, Waterfront Ale House, and Atlantic Chip Shop all great beer selection.

    2. those are a bit out of the way. good places all, tho. i was looking more close to the park, up flatbush.

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      1. re: ben61820

        Close to the park up Flatbush? Beer bar? Not much of an option, there. I'd really, truly recommend The Gate - it's by far the best for good beer-centric selection. A close option is Soda - pretty decent selection, $3 draft happy hour every day til 8PM, and is at Flatbush and St Mark's.

        1. re: megan

          Soda Bar is at *Vanderbilt* and St. Marks, not Flatbush, FYI

          1. re: lambretta76

            Oops! My brain thought Vandy, my fingers typed Flatbush. Sorry!

      2. 200 Fifth is a stretch, but a possibility. Otherwise, as mentioned above, The Gate, Brazen Head, and Waterfront Ale House are your best bets in this part of Brooklyn. In Prospect Heights, Soda Bar has some OK beers on tap, but I wouldn't consider it a beer bar, either.

        FYI - it's Midwest Beers night at Barcade this evening, 1/18.