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Jan 18, 2007 04:38 PM

Seeking: Quick pre-Mark Morris dinner

The MMDG's current performance schedule has a starting time of 7:30 at the MM Dance Center across from BAM. Where can we get a quick, wholesome, inexpensive meal withing walking distance of the Dance Center, at 6 PM?

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  1. Smoke Joint - its just a couple of blocks away, in the space formerly occupied by the Cambodian rest. Great chow, quick service.

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    1. re: jen kalb

      sorry, jen, should have specified that we're not meat eaters.
      any other suggestions?

      1. re: famdoc

        Mai is close and might be worth a try (Ive not yet been tho Ive heard some good things - others might comment)

        Thomas Biesl is right across the street from BAM, but again Ive not been, and am not sure what they would offer to non-meateaters.

    2. pequena on south portland between lafayette and dekalb is tasty and i think they have veggie options.

      otherwise, for really cheap and tasty, though low on atmosphere, there's very tasty falafel on atlantic just off of 4th ave on the south side of the street (i forget the name but its the only falafel joint near the corner). a bit less of a walk.

      1. Stir It Up: Caribbean with a some vegetarian (and a lot of fish/shellfish) options. They are just across Atlantic Ave from Mai, which is very good but only has one vegetarian entrée (but again lots seafood ones). Both are quite close to MMG. Don't remember any veg choices at Thomas Beisl, but they probably do have one or two. They are used to getting people out in time for performances.

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          Thomas Beisl has a smoked trout app that's great
          Stir It Up totally rocks seitan -- strong veg options,

        2. Vegetarian Palate 258 Flatbush Ave (Prospect Pl/St Marks), B’lyn 718- 623-8808. Think seitan and tofu skins. Asian with a few American inspired dishes thrown in (like tofurkey dinner). It's 8 blocks up Flatbush Ave (away from Manhattan Bridge). Maybe not quite so close but worth the trip.

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          1. re: shindiganna

            Veg palate has terrible, over-sweetened food in my experience all with the same mix of americanized vegetables in the garnishes for the fake meats. Really a travesty. In their favor, big servings and fresh but why bother when it doesnt taste very good?

            1. re: jen kalb

              You are entitled to your opinion. It's fresh, consistent and vegetarians can choose from everything on the menu. For my money that's pretty good.

          2. We took the suggestion and chose Mai. We enjoyed our meal, finding the food tasty and inventive. Staff very friendly. Prices fair. Three minute walk from the Mark Morris Dance Center. Oh, and the performance was magnificent.