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Jan 18, 2007 04:24 PM

Eduardo's on Harbord: Has anyone tried it?

Has anyone tried this new, supposedly upscale restaurant on Harbord? It's located in the premises previously occupied by Latitude, under the same ownership.

An ongoing discussion on Mexican food on the Chicago board has gotten me lamenting once again the non-existence of decent Mexican in Toronto. I am aware that there was a recent thread on this topic. I'd like to know about Eduardo's specifically.

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  1. There's a new NOW write-up at, FlavoursGal.

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    1. re: Yongeman

      Thanks, Yongeman. It sounds interesting; though not quite the authentic Mexican-only place we've all been hankering for, it's worth checking out.

      Still looking for reviews from CH'ers...

    2. Eduardo's was previously Latitude, the owners that own this restaurant came from Mexico around 4 years ago and took over Latitude...just recently Restaurant Makeover and chef David Adjey turned the restaurant into a Mexican restaurant..but very upscale from what it looked like before and looks very comfortable inside with a fireplace when you walk in.....I have never been to this restaurant as I live in Brantford but if I lived in Toronto Id definitely go to this restaurant no questions asked.

      1. It seems like an interesting place. WIshful thinking.

        I feel your pain. I normally visit Chicago once a year and get spoiled everytime I visit Topolobampo.

        Toronto has a couple of decent "Taco Bars", but it'll be a while before we have a truly solid upper-scale Mexican restaurant.

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        1. re: Rudiger

          Eduardo's closed last summer. The curse of Restaurant Makeover strikes again!

          1. re: Edith S

            It's being renovated for a new restaurant as we speak.

            I heard a rumour it's from the same owners as Coca/Czehoski's.

            1. re: Edith S

              Just Like Jerimiah Bullfrog on Queen ... ... We used to go there for drinks after work for no other reason than it was a good little local bar but after Restaurant Makeover had their way the ambience was destroyed. According to
              " Since its inception, we've seen the post-makeover demise of Jeremiah Bullfrog's on Queen, Oasis on College, Innocenti on King, Via Oliveto in the Annex, Lüb on Church, Eduardo's (formerly Latitude) on Harbord, and Mississauga's Rubicon Grill (to name a few). Some before the episode even makes it to air.

              Add to that the recent closure of The Office at Islington and Bloor, widely recognized as one of the first sports bars in the city, after its makeover only succeeded in alienating what regulars it had left "