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Jan 18, 2007 04:20 PM

Chug-a-lug looking for a tasty & boozy winter weekend in DC!!!

I am looking for some recs for a weekend get-away in DC.
We are looking for brunch (not buffet) that has good bloodys & a nice bar vibe, and a couple of recs for happy hour type places for mid-day drinking.
We are considering the Maine Avenue fish market for snacks/lunch, and dinner at Bistro du Coin.
Any can't miss places for non-touristy type tourists?
We live a big city, so looking for more local type places, and we're not starved for ethnic food either.
Thanks much!!!
I'll trade info for opinionated advice on any topic!

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  1. RFD on 7th ST, NW, Penn Quarter, is a good bet for brews - multiple taps and bottles from ALL, and I mean ALL over. Food is secondary, but a good bar scene, especially on weekends.For a little different take on brunch, check out Cafe Atlantico on 8th Street, Penn Quarter, for latin dim sum.

    1. The Childe Harold on Dupont Circle has a very decent (not amazing) brunch with great bloody marys and a serious, old school bar vibe.

      The Brickskeller has over 1000 different bottled beers and a dozen or so on tap including Belgians. Ignore the sometimes stiff service and spend a few hours drinking in here for a good time.

      The Tombs right outside Georgetown University is a great local drinking hangout. Knock back a few here and then stroll over to the "Exorcist" steps and try to negotiate them without mishap.

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        A strong second for the Brickskeller for a cozy boozin' afternoon or evening. It's classic. And last time I was there several of us ordered food and were pleasantly surprised. Definitely not your typical fried, fried and fried bar food.

      2. Cap Hill (House side) has some fun places to drink. My fave is The Tune Inn, but there are a few others on that block and a few more down near the Cap South metro station.

        Second Brickskellar if you're into beer if only to peruse the menu and then head to DuPont or Adams Morgan area.

        1. If it is fine beer you desire, one of my favorite places is The Saloon at 1207 U St. NW. Very casual and friendly. Interesting selection of German and Belgian beers. The food is better than servicable. Cool jazz music as the background. Definitely worth a visit for a couple of hours. Definitely not on the tourist circuit. I think this would be perfect for your 2:30pm - 5:30pm drinking needs.

          1. Thanks SO much!
            Lots of great suggestions.
            I'll be sure to fire up a toast to the Chowhounds next weekend!

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              Post back on this thread after you are done and let us know what your thoughts were.