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Jan 18, 2007 03:47 PM

Best Chicken Sandwich at a Sit-Down Restaurant in Downtown LA? Odd, I realize...

I work with a guy who eats only chicken sandwiches for lunch. Every day. No joke. Anyway, we just moved to downtown LA (6th and Flower), and he is looking for a decent, sit-down place (think restaurants, NOT tiny cafe) that has a chicken sandwich he could love. He's already tried CPK and Daily Grill, but say both of those places are way too crowded during lunchtime. I know, high maintainence, but I figured if any group could come up with ideas, it'd be you 'hounds. And I've already tried the whole "try something new" approach and it's not happenin'...


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  1. Too bad about the "sit down" requirement. A chicken torta at Ana Maria's in Grand Central market qualifies as both a chicken sandwich AND (presumably) something new.

    Maybe the coffee shop in the Standard Hotel? I can't remember if they have a chicken sandwich, but I recall having a pretty good club sandwich of some sort a few months ago.

    1. MASA OF ECHO PARK makes a great chicken panini sandwich.

      1. They have a grilled chicken sandwich on the menu at Pete's Cafe. I havent't tried it but the burgers there are good, so it would be worth a try.

        They also have a grilled chicken breast sandwich at Engine Co. No. 28. I have had their sandwich, and it's very good, although probably a little pricey to eat every day.

        1. You might try Liberty Grill on Flower around Olympic, not exactly in the 6th & Flower area I realize, yet only a few walkable blocks, more so at some times of day than others.