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Jan 18, 2007 03:35 PM

Shula's Steakhouse?

Hey, has anyone been here recently? Any thoughts?

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  1. I did not think anyone has been there since Craig LaBan eviscerated them in 2001, and have heard nothing since.

    1. That review was bad! I'm wondering if it's improved. I have a gift certificate for dinner to use.

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      1. re: Hellolaura

        I've been to the one in Chicago and it was pretty bad.

        Good luck.

      2. I'd regift that one. Great coach. Lousy steaks.

        1. I used to eat lunch there once in awhile (the one near Penn.) A better Sports Bar than Steakhouse ...

          1. I read this thread without thinking I had anything to contribute. Then I remembered: no fan of steakhouses in general, I took my mostly vegetarian daughter for dinner there a year ago, when I was at the nearby Magee rehab center after knee surgery.

            Neither of us had steak; it wasn't really my kind of place, but both of us had a pleasant meal, with lovely service. Very pricey, but the food we ordered (long forgotten) was tasty, even if expensive. It did my morale a lot of good.

            Shula's in PHilly: A great place to have a non-rehab hospital meal while recuperating from surgery!