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Jan 18, 2007 03:16 PM

Along Route 9

I go from Boston to Worcester and back almost every day, and Rte 9 is one of my favorite ways to go. It can be slow, but it has some of the charm of "old" sprawl, and although they are getting fewer, some remnants too of its past as a rural route.

Favorite stops for a meal on the way there or back for me are:

Sichuan Gourmet (Framingham): This has been praised by other folks on the board too. It is a floor up from a bathroom fixtures shop, and it serves up good spice in a friendly atmosphere.

BBQ Tennessee's (Framingham): I've yet to find really fantastic barbecue anywhere in New England, but this place does some things very well, especially chicken and pulled pork.

Wasabi (Framingham): Perfectly good sushi, but I am especially taken with the mushroom appetizer.

Chef Sun (Westborough): It's tucked away in a strip mall, and has Thai and Chinese menus. The Thai menu is outstanding.

Any other fans of Rte 9 out there, with favorite stops? Places to pick something up for carryout on the way home?

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  1. I think Eo Noodles (1243 Worcester Rd) does decent soup noodles. The one I had with roast duck was especially nice. Ditto Sichuan Gourmet; that place rocks for the suburbs.

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      I'll second Eo Noodle, their noodle soups are great. They also have fantastic Szechuan chicken ravioli (wantons) - I ordered them steamed and the sauce is delicious!

    2. Uncle Cheungs does a nice northern chinese dim sum on the weekends (not what you get in chinatown.)

      I have always thought the Wok was consistant especially for their large noodle soup bowls.

      Im told the place called "welcome fine indian food" is good, i have not been yet.

      michi kusa for japanese, on the exit ramp of 126. Very good, nice room.

      Ginsing fine asian in the old pacific buffet spot, i have read good reviews but have yet to try it.

      Tennessees isnt bad but i think fireflies is better. only about 1/2 mile away. Over by BJs behind where the post office is on 30

      Of course we love Sichuan gourmet too

      Also just off of 9 in newton, green tea, especially for their weekend dim sum.

      1. Harry's in Westboro for very good greasy spoon breakfast.

        Kelly's Roast Beef in Framingham for top notch local fast food. Yes, it's in Jordan's Furniture, but it's still Kelly's.

        1. Just past 126, outbound, is a branch of "Hot breads", the quasi-Indian bakery chain that has a branch in Burlington...It's in a teeny strip with "Good Feet", and the sign is almosyt invisible. Once inside, don't just look at the board and order. All the good stuff; the chaats, and spicy Indian snacks, seem to be on specials cards around the room, that seem to follow no order. Look around, take everything in, then decide..

          I think Michikusa is pretty mediocre, or below. I really like the japanese charm of wasabi.

          There's Indian Food and Sp[ices, or some grocery right before Edgell Road that does good, cheap take-out in the back of the store. I like Welcome India a lot. Tho I suspect lots of their sauces are pre-made, they're certainly VERY flavorful.

          1. I second EO Noodle. When we lived in the area, my husband and I went there for a quick and cheap dinner almost every Friday night for years and years. They would start cooking our dinner as soon as we walked in. I do so miss it. Faves were the szechuan spicy raviolis, scallion pancakes, wonton noodle soup, bbq beef, dan dan noodles and I loved the sour spicy noodles--sometimes they were just too hot for me--but I ordered them anyway because they had great flavor.