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Jan 18, 2007 03:15 PM


Has anyone been to whym on 9th Avenue and 58th? My husband made reservations there for Saturday evening to celebrate my birthday.

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  1. it's ok. nothing to write home about. but if you're looking for a chill atmosphere and good, inexpensive (but not mind blowing) food then this is a cute place. service was pretty prompt and reliable the two times i've been.

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      Great review clim212. I couldn't have said it better.

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          Yup- very well put clim212. I was there last night- It's okay- good service, nice dishes, nothing special, and we felt (after eating there twice, it's near Lincoln Center) that dishes were generally underseasoned. I asked for salt, something I NEVER do, and it's not on the tables. But nice atmosphere. The Lamb Shank is good and rich, and the specials have been good both times- avoid the chopped salad in my opinion- watery and strange.

    2. Seems like they've changed a lot of the seasonings and several menu items entirely since we reviewed it last year, so I'd agree that now it's decent but not great. My sense is that they've lost a little of the early-stage urgency that made Whym so good for several months after they opened.