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Work visitor on "Raw-food diet" - Need your Help! Restos? Organic salads?

We have a visitor at work who will we need to feed for the next two days. Just found out she does the raw-food diet. I can only subject her to our cafeteria salad bar for so long! Any restaurants in Boston that are in-line with the Raw Food diet? We're in the Longwood medical area so places within 15-minutes drive would be ideal, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If nothing else, where can we get the best salad - organic vegetables prefered?!

Thanks so much!

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  1. I think some local chefs have dabbled with special-event raw-food dinners, but I have not seen a single raw-food-only restaurant here yet.

    1. check your local good health food store, they should know. Great one up in the Lowell area but not sure about Boston, maybe they can point you in the right direction though - they stick together pretty good since it's a smaller demand.


      1. In Beverly there is organic garden. But that is a hike.

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          And it isn't very good, except for the smoothies.

        2. mare in the north end is almost entirely organic, and if you call ahead, could probably prepare a raw vegetarian menu.

          find out how strict is your colleague. 100% organic raw is nearly impossible to achieve, especially if this person travels frequently for business. raw is much easier to find than totally organic. especially in boston at this time of year.

          bostonveg.org could be a good resource.

          if you're thinking of going someplace that doesn't fall under the category of "raw" or "vegetarian", call ahead and any decent place will do their best to accomodate you.

          1. You could give a call to Felicia at Centre Street Cafe in JP, very close to the medical area. They are very commited to organic food, and although they don't have any raw food menu items per se, if you timed it right she might be willing to work something up. They do both lunch and dinner.

            1. Whole Foods have extensive salad bars with lots of raw food for her and pretty good cooked stuff for you if you have to go along with her. Plus she can shop and buy what she wants for lunch.

              Remind me why anyone thinks that a raw food diet is a good idea? Strikes me as masochistic (and a little sadistic too since she's inflicting it on you).

              1. Eat raw oysters all week!

                1. Really, take them to a raw bar!!! I vote for that. I can never get enough of those oysters. Just had a great dozen a legals.

                  1. Raw oysters are indeed raw, but most adherents of raw food diets are looking for something primarily vegetarian in nature. Outside of fairly narrowly-focused specialty restaurants, virtually none of which Greater Boston has, it's a difficult discipline to follow while dining out, far tougher than veganism, which is challenging enough. A very well-written, interesting article on restaurant dining options for vegans can be found in the current Boston's Weekly Dig:


                    1. Thanks all for your suggestions. The visitor was vegan so sadly oysters or sashimi would have been out. In the end we really didn't feed her much since we worked late each day. Fortunately she'd brought some snacks and otherwise subsisted on our cafeteria salad bar and one trip to whole foods. Kind of a shame since it is always nice to show off Boston's restos.

                      1. some thread drift...kinda shame that someone is so orthodox in their dietary philosophy that they can't appreciate good restaraunt food. Art Buchwald's last regret at 81 was that he did not eat enough cheesecake!

                        1. Anyone ever looking for rawfood diet dining, this place in Lowell is a restaurant - great food. Life Alive - with tables too (link is above). They always have several soups too, maybe a certain way of cooking that keeps it raw (????) - I don't follow raw food diet but love a great health food restaurant and this one does great dishes.

                          1. Sebastians has a number of cafes in the Boston area. You can actually go online and "create" your salad to be ready for pick up. I am not sure if they are organic, but they are great!