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Jan 18, 2007 02:59 PM

Falafel in Westchester

Are there any good places to have a falafel in Westchester?

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  1. Not in my experience, but I would love to know if anyone's found one!

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    1. re: marmite

      yahala in yonkers- palestinian owners - great, cheap food and very yummy falaffel!!!!

      1. re: yeshana

        Where in Yonkers is Yahala located?

        1. re: gbeats

          I can't remember- it's been mentioned NUMEROUS times on chowhound, and there is a website w/ menu, etc. A google search may work as well.

          1. re: gbeats

            Ye Hala is on Broadway, north of McLean Avenue.

          2. re: yeshana

            Ya Hala is really good. Crisp, not greasy falafel. Great pickles and olives on the table as an "appetizer." Their mujadara (sp.) is also delicious: rice, lentils and frizzled onions on top - MMM!

            It's on South Broadway, south of (I think) Yonkers Ave.

        2. Turkish Meze has excellent falafel, is not expensive and is a great, inexpensive, simple place to know about. Everything is good.

          1. whoops, forgot to say that Turkish Meze (see above comment) is in Mamaroneck.