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Jan 18, 2007 02:54 PM

Need a Sheepshead Bay Update

have you been to Randazzos or Lundys lately??

the 2 turkish restaurants on emmons ave??

looking for feedback on these and any others in the nabe

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  1. Lundy's is utter crap. I like Liman for Turkish on Emmons. I used to like Istanbul, but I think it has slipped. However, I'd probably go for the Greek place next to Baku Palace on Emmons and Ocean Ave. over either of those places.

    1. Lundy's - terrible. Has been ever since it reopened.
      Istanbul is ok. Nothing spectacular. Randazzo's is consistently good and their rawbar is still excellent. Favorite thing down there will always be Roll N Roaster though. :)

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      1. I was looking for an opportunity to talk about randazzos. I grew up in Manhattan Beach and never ate there until about a month ago. We basically ordered every fried dish they served with medium and hot red sauce.

        I was expecting greatness...I got what felt like frozen seafood quality food. The red sauce was kind of meh. They gave us bread that was microwaved. The prices were decent but I don't plan on ever returning.

        Lundy's is crap as the other poster said. The only place I'd eat at on Emmons would be Roll N Roaster...or maybe Applebees...nuff said.

        Delmar pizza on Sheepshead Bay Road isn't bad at all.

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        1. re: sam1

          Is Anthony’s the old Pizza Bowl?

          Unfortunately Jimmy’s took a slide in quality. It used to be our standard for sandwiches, now we go to Bassett’s for a good hero. Only problem is their hero’s are huge (if you call that a problem). They’re also good for the 6-footers when needed.

          Wheeler’s is still there and they had some good bar food years ago. I’m curious if anyone has been there recently?

          And there’s a good Turkish place on Emmons need R-n-R called Liman. Kebabs, fresh fish and salads, heard it’s comparable w/ the places on Coney Island Avenue.

          R-n-R was always a good standby if we didn’t feel like going to the dinner, it’s better inhaled in the wee hours.

          Papa Leone's - we used to go all the time. Is it still there?

          1. re: MShapiro

            Papa Leone's is still there. The food is good for a pizza place, with pretty fresh seafood dishes. The pizza is not bad, but not Delmar's.

            Jimmy's took a slide? That's too bad. What is wrong? Quality? Skimping no the heros?

            1. re: Matt M.

              Shoot, Papa Leone's has been around since I was a kid (er, about 30 years ago). Remember when it was around the corner? I haven't been in a while but I do believe the quality slid some when he expanded to a sit down restaurant. Still pretty decent pies, though. Not bad sandwiches, too.

            2. re: MShapiro

              I was at Wheelers over the summer. I still can't resist their French onion soup and wings. Their sandwiches are still pretty goood too.

              1. re: MrsT

                I went to Wheelers in March because my wife really likes their French Onion Soup and Burgers. Wow, what a mistake. After we walked in they had some kind of party going on in a large room in the back and we were ignored for over 10 min.

                My wife and I were seconds away from leaving but were hungry and they seated us. WHAT A MISTAKE.

                Service stunk. Had to flag waitress and then seater to get service. Food came very late. Soup was still good though. Wife had to send back burger. Waited another 10 min. for someone to notice that we were done and needed the check. They never made any attempt at amends for all of their mistakes. Thought to give gratuity based on service but thought better of it.


                Which is a shame since I live blocks from the place.

          2. Maria's is also very good. If you want to venture a bit off the beaten path Anthony's on Ave X and E 19th St is also a great little neighborhood classic Italian resturant.

            1. Delmar on Sheepshead Bay Road has excellent pizza. The food is so-so. Maria's in Emmons Ave. is pretty good Italian food.