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Need a Sheepshead Bay Update

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have you been to Randazzos or Lundys lately??

the 2 turkish restaurants on emmons ave??

looking for feedback on these and any others in the nabe

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  1. Lundy's is utter crap. I like Liman for Turkish on Emmons. I used to like Istanbul, but I think it has slipped. However, I'd probably go for the Greek place next to Baku Palace on Emmons and Ocean Ave. over either of those places.

    1. Lundy's - terrible. Has been ever since it reopened.
      Istanbul is ok. Nothing spectacular. Randazzo's is consistently good and their rawbar is still excellent. Favorite thing down there will always be Roll N Roaster though. :)

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      1. I was looking for an opportunity to talk about randazzos. I grew up in Manhattan Beach and never ate there until about a month ago. We basically ordered every fried dish they served with medium and hot red sauce.

        I was expecting greatness...I got what felt like frozen seafood quality food. The red sauce was kind of meh. They gave us bread that was microwaved. The prices were decent but I don't plan on ever returning.

        Lundy's is crap as the other poster said. The only place I'd eat at on Emmons would be Roll N Roaster...or maybe Applebees...nuff said.

        Delmar pizza on Sheepshead Bay Road isn't bad at all.

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          Is Anthony’s the old Pizza Bowl?

          Unfortunately Jimmy’s took a slide in quality. It used to be our standard for sandwiches, now we go to Bassett’s for a good hero. Only problem is their hero’s are huge (if you call that a problem). They’re also good for the 6-footers when needed.

          Wheeler’s is still there and they had some good bar food years ago. I’m curious if anyone has been there recently?

          And there’s a good Turkish place on Emmons need R-n-R called Liman. Kebabs, fresh fish and salads, heard it’s comparable w/ the places on Coney Island Avenue.

          R-n-R was always a good standby if we didn’t feel like going to the dinner, it’s better inhaled in the wee hours.

          Papa Leone's - we used to go all the time. Is it still there?

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            Papa Leone's is still there. The food is good for a pizza place, with pretty fresh seafood dishes. The pizza is not bad, but not Delmar's.

            Jimmy's took a slide? That's too bad. What is wrong? Quality? Skimping no the heros?

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              Shoot, Papa Leone's has been around since I was a kid (er, about 30 years ago). Remember when it was around the corner? I haven't been in a while but I do believe the quality slid some when he expanded to a sit down restaurant. Still pretty decent pies, though. Not bad sandwiches, too.

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              I was at Wheelers over the summer. I still can't resist their French onion soup and wings. Their sandwiches are still pretty goood too.

              1. re: MrsT

                I went to Wheelers in March because my wife really likes their French Onion Soup and Burgers. Wow, what a mistake. After we walked in they had some kind of party going on in a large room in the back and we were ignored for over 10 min.

                My wife and I were seconds away from leaving but were hungry and they seated us. WHAT A MISTAKE.

                Service stunk. Had to flag waitress and then seater to get service. Food came very late. Soup was still good though. Wife had to send back burger. Waited another 10 min. for someone to notice that we were done and needed the check. They never made any attempt at amends for all of their mistakes. Thought to give gratuity based on service but thought better of it.


                Which is a shame since I live blocks from the place.

          2. Maria's is also very good. If you want to venture a bit off the beaten path Anthony's on Ave X and E 19th St is also a great little neighborhood classic Italian resturant.

            1. Delmar on Sheepshead Bay Road has excellent pizza. The food is so-so. Maria's in Emmons Ave. is pretty good Italian food.

              1. As per the Bay News this week, Lundy's has been closed since last week. No one knows why. Randazzo is ok, but there are 2 great places to go now. The best for anytime or for special occasions is Yaisou, Greek next to Baku. You can have the works, fresh whole fish, the best lobsters in town or just salad with grilled salmon. New and fancy is the American Steak House, a real NY experience without the travel, 2 doors over. In between is Sushi Mambo, heard it was good, but I never get there because the specials at Yaisou always pull me in first.

                1. Lundy's is a dump. Randazzo's cooked food is pretty bad as well. Their raw bar however is very, very good. The cherrystones are ice cold and briny because the shucker gives them to you right away without washing them afterwards.

                  1. Always good to see threads on neighborhoods other than Park Slope and Williamsburgh. This info is good to have for when I'm in the area.

                    I was disappointed when the East Village Roll-n-Roaster outpost shut down. I liked it very much, the roast beef with cheese on a fresh roll inparticular. Glad to hear that the original is going strong.

                    1. Wow...Lundy's shut down again! I moved out of the nabe about 3 months ago and am up in Washington Heights now. Still...that part of Brooklyn will always have my heart. There was also a good italian place on Emmon's....right off the water....the name is escaping me. Anyone remember? My mom had a few office dinner's there and we did a few family birthday dinners there. I wouldn't say it was great but it was good food with a nice view of the bay. If you'll excuse me I need a tissue...this conversation is making me nostalgic!

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                        Could you be thinking of Fiorentino's. That's right on the water. I personally was never a fan of the place. I do remember it when it was an Arthur Treachers though ...

                      2. I think you're referring to Il Fornetto. I remember it before it was roy rogers...when it was some weird fast food chain...

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                        1. re: sam1

                          Il Forgetto. I do not like the food or the young wait staff.

                        2. Emmons Ave. is quickly becoming a culinary destination. While Lundy's and Randazzos are crap Yasiou is definitely worth a stop for their octopus, Mambo Sushi has some of the most creative and reasonably priced rolls in Brooklyn and XO (above Lohman's) has great French-inspired fare. However, the new steak house -- in Pip's old space -- was horrible and overpriced. I tried the steak house for lunch with the wife and made the mistake of ordering a lobster roll. There was practically no lobster. The owner went and bitched out the chef but they didn't take the meal off the bill. Real classy!
                          Still, with Roll N Roaster up the block, Limon for seafood, and Sarai, which literally translates to Shack in Russian, serving up comfort food, it's worth cruising the Bay again.

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                          1. re: eglazarev

                            what sort of things is Sarai serving? - that one sounds interesting

                            Do you have other recommendations of good dishes at Yasiou?

                            1. re: eglazarev

                              Is Sarai a good place for a raucous bachelor party? Or where would people recommend in Brighton Beach or Sheepshead Bay?

                            2. It was an Arthur Treachers, then a cheestake place, then Roy Rogers, Then Cono's or Conti's (I forgot the name) ---now it's Il Fornetto. I remember my dad took us to try the cheesteak place but it was so awful we went to Roll and Roaster.

                              1. is the sushi/hibachi place that shares the building with the ever-closing lundy's no longer in operation? i think it was momoyama. or yamamomo. it was owned by the same people who owned hokkaido, a place further down emmons that was one of the first (and best) sushi places in that part of BK but that changed ownership. i always remembered (in both places) really well-hewn, fresh, and reasonably priced fish and good rolls. is sushi mambo now the goto down there?

                                1. I remember Hokkaido being special as well but not in a while. The Benihana-style place is still in business, I believe, and I also saw that Hong Kong City has spruced itself up. It used to have a pretty good menu but hygeiene seemed to be an issue.
                                  As for Mambo Sushi, I think it's fantastic. They give you 8 pieces instead of the usual six and they have top-notch fish.
                                  My wife had to deprive herself of tuna beacuse of her pregnancy and the first week out of the hospital, we were there for lunch.

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                                    i have to say mambo sushi, is quite possibly the worst sushi. they don't make the rolls well. chikurin is far better and not that far away.

                                  2. Funny noone ever mentions XO, the Russian owned, French-influenced creperie. The decor is really nice, although watch out for Russian karaoke night and the waiters can be a little less attentive if you don't speak the language. But there are so many great options to try...even the fish like tilapia.

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                                    1. re: Kydd

                                      XO used to be great, but they have raised prices significantly, and no longer warrant a trip, unless you are right there. The food is fine, but it's not a match to a good French creperie in Manhattan, like Les Gamin.
                                      There is a fairly new, Russian owned, German inspired place, Svejk's in the Loehmann's plaza (where XO is) - it serves good sausages and shnitzel, and good beer. Also not cheap, but palatable.
                                      As far as Turkish food, Istanbul on Emmon's is very decent.
                                      A good bargain is a Vietnamese place on Avenue U and East 19th, Pho something. It's not exactly Sheepshead Bay, but close. And don't overlook the bargain basement prices sushi places, such as Chikurin - the sushi is all right, especially for the price.

                                      1. re: nokitsch

                                        Siam Orchid is also great Thai/Asian food! The people are really nice and the food is fresh and flavorful. Really nice peanut sauce.

                                    2. I was just in Sheepshead Bay yesterday, stopping for lunch on a long Greenway bike ride. We ate at Istanbul on Emmons. The waiter was very polite and attentive, and we thoroughly enjoyed our lunch -- warm rolls with Cijik (sp?) -- creamy yogurt with mint, garlic, and cucumbers, followed by shish kebob -- tender grilled lamb with a nice accompaniment of vegetables. The Turkish coffee was lovely. I don't know that I would travel for this place, but if you're there, it's very pleasant and not too expensive.

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                                      1. re: starfish

                                        Liman is the only restaurant that is still decent in Sheepshead Bay. It is next to Dunkin Donuts on Emmons Ave. I believe Lundy's closed and Randazzo's is terrible for anything but raw seafood.

                                        1. re: shayne

                                          While I agree that Liman is good, it is not the only good placeon Emmons Ave. Maria's is good Italian. Bay Shish Kebob is actually decent Turkish food. Yiassou (sp?) is very good Greek. Baku Palace is very good for Russian. Istanbul is decent Turkish.

                                          1. re: Matt M.

                                            Went to Il Fornetto about 2 weeks ago for dinner, The food was only OK, not great, the service was poor and the room was extremely noisy

                                            1. re: glen3a

                                              THAT PLACE IS NOT GREAT AT ALL IL FORNETTO.

                                            2. re: Matt M.

                                              I don't get what people like about Maria's. Do have to try the Greek place however. Il Fornetto, I also don't get. Don't bother with Halikarnas either.

                                              1. re: shayne

                                                Maria's is not amazing, but it is consistently good.

                                                1. re: Matt M.

                                                  mambo and momoyama on emmons have our favorite sushi. particularly like the friendly staff at momoyama. lliman for fish, u sweika (underneath loehman's) for german food and large beers, istanbul for turkish, and cat's cafe for a nice night out are all dependable. not in sheepshead, but nearby on oriental & west end in manhattan beach is anyway cafe with great russian food and live music. especially nice in the summer with outdoor seating and lamb grill going. also nothing beats a sunny sunday afternoon pounding all you can eat crabs at clementes.... all in all, sheepshead's not a bad neighborhood for eating, but we could really use a casual beer garden on the water (or even just a nice pub.)

                                                  1. re: BayGirl

                                                    It's a little out of the way, but try Draft Barn over on Ave. X and West 2nd St. for good beer.