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Jan 18, 2007 02:38 PM

Drinks before dinner at Buddakan

Hi Everyone,

Would you be able to recommend a nice place to have drinks prior to dinner at Buddakan? Our reservations are for 7:30pm. We would like to go somewhere within walking distance.


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  1. I would think there would be lots of choices in that area... if anyone in your party particularly likes beer, I would highly recommend Eulogy on the corner of 2nd and Chestnut. May not be upscale enough for you, though?

    1. I think Amada has a beautiful bar, and is within walking distance of Budakkan. Budakkan itself has a more quiet, though small bar upstairs that may be nice before your dinner. I love their drinks. Haru also has a great bar

      1. Dolce and Paradigm are next to Haru and are pretty nice although trendy. Society Hill Inn on the NW corner of 3rd and Chestnut has a more casual bar. For cheaper drinks, you can go up to National Mechanics, north of Chestnut on 3rd St about 3/4 of a block up before Market on the left. Otherwise, I agree with Lotus7, Haru (NE corner of Chestnut and 3rd) has a very cool/unique (although small) bar downstairs and a much larger one (with couches and lounge chairs) upstairs.

        1. It kinda depends on when you are going out but Eulogy is notoriously crowded and uncomfortable. On a Friday at 7PM you and your friends will most likely be reaching around and over each other for your drink orders.

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            Yup, that's a very good point. I'm afraid I was thinking only of the beer, not the comfort factor (!).

          2. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm looking for an upscale place...something in line with Buddakan. It's for tonight!